Article: Kaiju Kuisine - Godzilla Food Items

Date: 2/27/17
Last Update: 2/25/17

Over the years the question of what kaiju eat has often remained largely a mystery. Tsuburaya cut the scene of Godzilla eating a cow in the original Godzilla (1954), and he has been mostly left hungry ever since—except when he starts snarfing radiation or, in the case of the American Godzilla, piles of fish. However, it's hard to imagine just the enormous amount of food necessary to feed these modern day behemoths—the film Daigoro vs. Goliath (1972) attempted an answer and showed that feeding the beasts can be quite the hassle! While some kaiju definitely eat people (Rodan originally munched people meat, for example, as did Gyaos), and some eat livestock (such as Baragon), by and large the question of what makes a good monster lunch has been left largely open to interpretation.

After some investigation, the answer appears to be "lots of snacks and sweets!" This article will be exploring the wild and wacky and largely unexplored world of kaiju-related snacks and foods that have been released over the years. The vast majority of these snacks, meals, and desserts are available for a limited time only, which makes reviewing them tricky, especially if one has a weak stomach. Nevertheless, if you want to feed your kaiju well, or if you just like reading about gimmicky product placements, you have come to the right place! Enjoy! Itadakimasu!

      Food Item Type Date Reviewed
Godzilla Print Cookie Dessert 02-25-2017
Godzilla Gaufrette Dessert 02-12-2017
Godzilla Pie (ゴジラパイ) Dessert 01-04-2017
Godzilla vs. Evangelion Box: Ramen Snacks Ramen 12-27-2016
Lotteria vs. Shin Godzilla Campaign Restaurant 11-24-2016
Godzilla Arare Crackers Snack 11-07-2016
Baby Star Dodekai Ramen Shin Gojiramen Ramen 09-30-2016
Godzilla Limited Edition Yaki Dessert 09-22-2016
Yokosuka Godzilla Curry Curry 09-19-2016
Godzilla Butamen Ramen 09-17-2016
Shin Hot Dog Snack 08-11-2016
Godzila: Godzilla Sushi in San Francisco Restaurant 01-02-2015