D20: Toho Based Dungeons & Dragons


First Published: 10/09/02
Updated: 06/02/20

The articles presented here features rules for a Toho Universe based tabletop role-playing game based within the Dungeons & Dragons v3.5/Pathfinder gaming systems. It adapts Godzilla, Gamera, and other kaiju from a variety of science fiction and fantasy films for the game. The various entries are broken down into 5 sections:

The Gods section provides a brief look into the history and powers of the various kaiju gods. Monsters provides information on the various non-divine kaiju of the world, as well as the unique races to be found within their world. Spells and Domains contain information about various spells and abilities originating from the followers and students of the various kaiju worshiping orders. Equipment will detail information about specific items created in a world full of kaiju, both in tribute to them and in response to their presence. Finally, the Janjira section will reveal information about a world setting where the kaiju gods reign supreme, complete with organizations, religious factions, and world events for use as a campaign setting.


The various kaiju gods are all true deities which possess a number of special attributes and abilities granted by their immense power. All of the Toho Universe gods are physical beings, not extraplanar entities, and are thus not Outsiders. The statistics listed are for the actual gods themselves, as they cannot manifest avatars beyond their own physical forms.

In addition to the listed favored weapon, followers of the kaiju gods may chose unarmed strikes as their deity's favored weapon, given the tooth and claw tactics of the majority of the kaiju pantheon.


1. The various gods all have the following Special Qualities (amended from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 4 © 2013, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Dennis Baker, Jesse Benner, Savannah Broadway, Ross Byers, Adam Daigle, Tim Hitchcock, Tracy Hurley, James Jacobs, Matt James, Rob McCreary, Jason Nelson, Tom Phillips, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Sean K Reynolds, F. Wesley Schneider, Tork Shaw, and Russ Taylor. ):

Kaiju Subtype

  • Damage Reduction ​20/epic
  • All attacks made by a kaiju are considered to be Epic and Magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction
  • Darkvision​ 600 feet
  • Fast healing​ 30
  • Ferocity (Ex)​: All kaiju possess the ferocity universal monster ability.
  • Hurl Foe (Ex)​: When a kaiju damages a Huge or smaller foe with one of its natural attacks, it can try to hurl the foe as part of that attack by attempting a combat maneuver check. On a successful check, the foe is knocked back 10 feet in a direction of the kaiju's choice and falls prone. The distance the foe is hurled increases by 10 feet for every 5 points by which the kaiju's check exceeds the foe's CMD. If an obstacle stops the hurled creature before it travels the whole distance, the hurled foe and the obstacle struck each take 1d6 points of damage per 10 feet of distance remaining and the foe is knocked prone in the space adjacent to the obstacle.
  • Immunity​ to Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Death Effects, Disease, Energy Drain, Fear, Mind Effects (Charm, Compulsion, Phantasms, Patterns, Morale Effects), Paralysis, Petrifaction, Polymorphing, Sleep .
  • Immune to stunning and instant death (Ex):​ The kaiju gods are wholly immune to death from massive damage. They are all completely immune to death effects and disintegration, as well as nonlethal damage.
  • Massive (Ex)​: Because kaiju are so massive, uneven ground and other terrain features that form difficult terrain generally pose no significant hindrance to a kaiju's movement, though areas of forest or settlements are considered difficult terrain to a kaiju. A Huge or smaller creature can move through any square occupied by a kaiju, or vice-versa. A kaiju can make attacks of opportunity only against foes that are Huge or larger, and can be flanked only by Huge or larger foes. A kaiju gains a bonus for being on higher ground only if its entire space is on higher ground than that of its target. It's possible for a Huge or smaller creature to climb a kaiju. This generally requires a successful DC 30 check, and unlike the normal rules about kaiju and attacks of opportunity, a Small or larger creature that climbs on a kaiju's body provokes an attack of opportunity from the monster. Due to their incredible size and power, all kaiju deal quadruple damage to objects while ignoring hardness.
  • Movement (Ex): The kaiju deities may move 25 feet in any round when they don't perform any other kind of movement. Taking this 25-foot step never provokes an attack of opportunity. A kaiju deity can't take more than one 25-foot step in a round, and it can't take a 25-foot step in the same round that it moves any distance. A kaiju deity can take a 25-foot step before, during, or after its other actions in a round. A kaiju deity can only take a 25-foot-step if its movement isn't hampered by difficult terrain or darkness. Any kaiju deity with a speed of 25 feet or less can't take a 25-foot step, since moving even 25 feet requires a move action for such a slow kaiju. A kaiju deity may not take a 25-foot step using a form of movement for which it does not have a listed speed.
  • Recovery (Ex)​: Once per year, if a kaiju takes an amount of damage that would normally kill it by reducing its hit points to a negative amount equal to its Constitution score, the damage instead heals the kaiju of twice the amount of damage but this healing leaves the kaiju disoriented and demoralized. At this point, the creature becomes nauseated and seeks only to return to its lair. Any amount of damage dealt to it by an external source before it reaches its lair, though, immediately negates the nauseated effect and allows the kaiju to end its retreat and attack.
  • Resistance 30​ against acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, negative energy, radiation, and sonic.
  • Poison resistance (Ex):​ Kaiju-gods are resistant to all forms of poison. All gods gain a +30 circumstantial bonus to saves against all forms of poison.
  • Immortality:​ All kaiju-gods are effectively immortal. They do not age, and will not die of natural causes. They need only minimal food and drink to survive, entering into a hibernative state when deprived of the bare minimum of sustenance. Unless otherwise stated, they can only die through combat. Because they are living, native beings, kaiju gods can be brought back to life through a True Resurrection, Miracle or Wish spell

Gods Alignment Worshipers Favorite Weapon
King Kong Neutral Good Druids, Fighters, Monks, Paladins, Rangers Great Club
Biollante Neutral Good Druids, Elves, Farmers, Midwives, Rangers Spiked Chain
Gamera Neutral Good Blacksmiths, Guards, Helaers, Paladins Butterfly Sword
Mothra: The Triad Neutral Good Bards, Elias, Healers, Wizards Javelin
Battra: The Triad Chaotic Good Bards, Rangers, Skalds, Vigilantes Repeating Crossbows (light or heavy)
Mothra Leo: The Triad Lawful Good Fighters, Monks, Paladins, Soldiers Longsword
Godzilla Neutral Barbarians, Destruction Cults, Dragons, Druids, Rangers Spear (short, normal, or long)
Godzilla Legendary Neutral Barbarians, Destruction Cults, Dragons, Druids, Rangers Spear (short, normal, or long)
Rodan Chaotic Neutral Aerial Creatures, Barbarians, Druids, Skalds Boarding Axe
Kiryu Lawful Neutral Constructs, Judges, Smiths, Paladins, Technomancers Shortsword
Desghidorah Neutral Evil Evil Druids, Necromancers, Sorcerers, Death Cults Scythe
Destoroyah Neutral Evil Barbarians, Murderers, Serial Killers, Warlords Greatsword
Destoroyah: Aggregate Neutral Evil Barbarians, Murderers, Serial Killers, Warlords Greatsword
King Ghidorah Chaotic Evil Anti-paladins, Chromatic Dragons, the insane, Tyrants Ransuer or Trident
Dagahra Chaotic Evil Evil Oceanic Creatures, Pirates Shuriken
Iris Lawful Evil Assassins, Dark Elves, Monks, Rogues Kusarigama
Legion Lawful Evil Insectoid Monsters Lance (light, normal, or heavy)
SpaceGodzilla Lawful Evil Conquerors, Destruction Cults, Chromatic Dragons, Wizards Harpoon


This section will reveal information about the non-divine kaiju and creatures of a Toho-based game of Pathfinder. From the lowly Barem to the dreadful Gyaos, a wide and diverse number of creatures call the land of the kaiju gods home. Anyone venturing into that strange and wondrous land would do well to learn all that they can about them.







The kaiju gods are monolithic examples of powers beyond the control of mortals: they are the storm, the earthquake given life and shape. For eons their powers have encouraged the mortals who observe and worship them to emulate them. Be it by arcane research or granted by the very kaiju themselves, these are the various spells and magics done in the name of the kaiju gods.





Within the lands of the kaiju pantheon, strange and exotic machines and equipment can be found. From staves harnessing the deadly power of radioactivity to artifacts made from the flesh of dangerous kaiju, there are treasures hidden within the secret places of the world just waiting to be found by a daring adventurer.

Magic Items



The History of Janjira

The new world began with the destruction of the old one.

Ten thousand years ago the nations of Janjira, who had long labored to secure their kingdoms against the trials and tribulations of the world, achieved their goal. Their greatest minds had derived wondrous technologies from the very foundations of the world, a melding of machine and magic. Where once children in remote villages grew up hungry and sick, automatons were brought to tend crops and heal their maladies. Houses in the mountains were filled with warmth during the coldest months of the year and the deadliest creatures of the wild were held in check by the awesome might of their arms. The most basic trials that had harried civilization since the beginning of time now assuaged, the people of Janjira set aside their toils and gazed out on their lands in peace. Years passed, and they forgot the struggles of their ancestors and set aside their gods, decreeing that their society had reached what must surely be perfection. But all was not as it seemed.

Of the three nations of Janjira, Sergina was the most prosperous. In no other place did the fruits of labor bear greater bounty, and her people grew greater still as more visionaries and scholars flocked to her borders. Combined with an abundance of natural resources, Sergina led the way in producing marvels to ease the lives of her citizens and expand their knowledge of the world. And while Sergina lit the way for all the people of Janjira, the leaders of Saradia and Rolisica watched them in jealousy.

Saradia, with its vast deserts and mountains, still maintained the lowest standards of living in Janjira. Unable to turn their arid nation into productive farmland, they were dependent on Sergina to provide aid. But as Sergina continued to prosper, the people of Saradia began to begrudge them their success. So their leaders turned to Rolisica and expressed their growing doubts and suspicions.

Now Rolisica, a nation nigh as prosperous as Sergina, had long nursed a deep-seated jealousy of that land. In listening to the misgivings of Saradia, the leader of Rolisica saw an opportunity to finally usurp its rival's position. Deceiving the Saradian leadership, Rolisica's leader swore that Sergina possessed the ability to turn the desert into a fertile paradise, but refused to do so in order to maintain its power over them. Declaring that they could no longer stand idly by in the face of such injustice, the Rolisican government forged an alliance with Saradia.

And so the two nations began to plot against peaceful Sergina. Saradia began to train legions of soldiers for the coming conflict while Rolisica delved further than ever before into the construction of deadly weapons, breaking barriers never before crossed in their pursuit of power. And when they had readied a greater army than had been seen in over three thousand years, they sprung their attack and began the Final War.

After so many years of peace, the Emperor of Sergina was caught completely unaware by the sudden aggression. Though his nation had technology to spare, little of it was of use in war. Decrying them as would be overlords, the Saradian forces attacked Sergina's borders and destroyed their ports with their partner's weaponry. And as the Rolisican forces ferried their subordinate's hordes into battle, they prepared their most devastating weapons; for they had discovered how to unlock the very fires of creation.

Without warning, Rolisica began to destroy the many cities of Sergina in burning holocausts. The Jade Acropolis was reduced to nothing by their unstoppable missiles and hundreds of thousands perished as their civilization was destroyed. The night sky glowed red as the last forces of Sergina, precious few who had escaped the great fires, began their last stand at the feet of the mountains in the south.
Weeks passed as the traitorous nations sent their forces in to begin the harvest. With each landing ship, things looked more and more bleak. The conquest complete, Rolisica declared its power absolute and ordered the destruction of the remaining Sergina strength. Joining its forces with Saradia's legions for the final assault, they stormed the mountains.

The battle raged for many hours as the forces of Sergina, seeing death advancing on them, held the line. Night fell and a great storm raged while the two traitorous nations attempted to eradicate the last people of Sergina, whose once proud populace had been eradicated in the name jealousy and greed. And as those brave warriors began to falter against the overwhelming strength of their enemies, they were delivered. For in using the fire of the creation to destroy their brothers and sisters, the traitors had sealed their fate.
The Gods had returned to Janjira.

The storm seemed to part as a towering leviathan stepped onto the battlefield from the east, a trail of destruction in his wake. The fighting stopped as all who were present turned to stare upon the face of a living god. The Sergina warriors knelt before the mighty being from the past, for though the people of Janjira had long since turned their backs on the gods, they knew who stood before them. Loosing a cry louder than the storm around him, Godzilla announced his reappearance to the world. None were unshaken by that cry, a sound of fury dredged up from the beginning of days. He had sensed his fire in the world again and awoken from his long sleep to have his vengeance.

Fearing the kaiju to be an ally of the remaining Sergina warriors, Rolisica had its ships fire on the mighty king. But even their awesome weapons were nothing against him. Blue lightning danced across his back and soldiers were crushed beneath his feet as Godzilla decimated all who would stand before him. Nothing that the traitors brought to bear even slowed him down; their attacks broke upon his hide like water on stone. Seeing that their efforts were futile, they began to flee. But they would not escape Godzilla's wrath so easily; he burned their ships when they began to take on survivors. Helpless before his power, the remainder of the Rolisican ships began to sail back to their own lands. Thus began the Long Retreat.

With the traitors fleeing before him, Godzilla turned back to the mountain where the last of Sergina's warriors remained. As he glared down at them over the scarred and pitted remains of the battlefield, they began to pray: "Let your wrath be loosed on those who deserve it most; those who trespass against you. May they realize the futility of their efforts as your gaze falls upon them. And let that be a warning to all who would forget your holy duty as keeper of the balance; Nature has an order. May the people of the world learn from you or be trampled beneath your feet."

Perhaps pleased by their show of piety, the King of the Monsters turned and dove into the sea. The remaining warriors breathed a collective sigh of relief, knowing that they had been spared from his terrible wrath.

Hours passed as the remnants of Sergina combed the battlefield for the wounded and dead. Near dawn, the storm broke as the moon set and the stars shown their last light. And with the rising of the sun she appeared before them: Mothra. On radiant wings she came to them, the dawn light breaking behind her as she alighted gently on the shore. With her were the two priestesses, the Shobijin. The tiny twins stood before the goddess on the beach and asked if they could speak with the leader of Sergina.

Up stepped Emiko, daughter of the Emperor and acting regent of her nation, though but a child to the warriors who fought beside her. Approaching the benevolent goddess, she bowed low before Her and her emissaries.

"We are humbled by your presence great ones." She said, "Would that I could offer you comfort after your journey, but I'm afraid we have little to spare after the destruction visited on our home. Regardless, we welcome you to these lands once more."

The Shobijin smiled sadly. "You are kind, but it is you that we have come to aid. In her wisdom, Mothra has come to help you in your time of greatest need."

And with that, Mothra took to the sky and, passing over the battlefield, let fly the scales of her wings. Golden dust filled the air, turning the rain covered field into a sea of light. And as the motes settled onto the fallen, they began to stir. Former enemies stood up from the battlefield and watched as the Divine Moth floated gracefully above them.

"You must set aside your grievances!" the Shobijin cried in unison, hands clasped between them, "The people of Janjira have strayed from the righteous path for too long. In your arrogance you had thought that you had risen above the firmament, but this is not so. A great power has been stirred from long slumber and others will soon join Him, as Mothra has. If you carry on as you once did, there will be nothing left to mark your passing from this world. We do not want this to happen. There are many hardships to come, but Mothra will protect you from the worst of them. She will watch over you while you build anew."

Then Emiko stepped forward again. Kneeling down before the fairies, she asked "Why? Why would she save us?"

"All life is sacred, Emiko" The Shobijin said, smiling. "Though your people may have forgotten Her, Mothra never forgot them. In aiding you now, it is our hope that you will be enlightened and live in peace with the world."

Emiko frowned. "If only we could; I'm afraid our enemies will not allow that."

Exchanging a knowing look with one another, the Shobijin replied sadly. "They will not trouble you anytime soon. Godzilla is not yet done with them."

And they were right, for though he had paused to contemplate the remaining warriors, Godzilla pursued the traitorous ships to the greatest port city of Saradia. As the people disembarked, the King appeared, bringing with him a tidal wave that flooded the city and drowned thousands of the renegades. Coming ashore, he laid waste to the great city before marching out into the desert. He would not stop until he had destroyed all those responsible for the great sin which had awakened him once more. And as he crossed the desert, the Rolisican leadership knew that their cities were next, and in desperation, they planned a final attack against the Kaiju God.

Advancing into the capitol of Saradia, which lay on the shores of the shallow sea that separated it from Rolisica, Godzilla was struck by their greatest weapon. Twice did they assault him, and the entirety of the Saradian capitol was reduced to a great crater. But when the smoke cleared, Godzilla remained whole. The power they used against him was his own; it was incapable of harming him. It did nothing but stoke the fires of his rage. Again they attacked him in the sea, but still he was not slowed. Within hours, he had arrived.

After nightfall of the next day his rampage ended, crossing from one end of the nation to the other. Godzilla had cut a fiery swath from Rolisica's capitol down to its southernmost port before returning to the ocean, utterly destroying it.

It was hard to tell which nation suffered the worst during the events of the Final War. Millions were dead, not the least of which were killed by the devastating nuclear attacks of Rolisica. Those remaining knew that there would be no going back to the former way of living.

Darkness fell over Janjira. Sickness and starvation returned to her people as the technology that had kept them safe failed. Centuries passed as the Gods returned and many new Kaiju awakened alongside them. But the people of Janjira held fast to their faith and were rewarded, for out of the ashes of the old world their nations were reborn.

Sergina, thanks in no small part to the guidance of Mothra, was rebuilt and repopulated. Rolisica and Saradia, slow to accept the return of the gods, followed their former enemy into the new world. And though conflict and disaster have visited each of them since the Final War, nothing since has brought about the same wrath of the Gods. The people of Janjira had lived through the cataclysm once before and had no desire to do so again.

For six and a half thousand years, the nations of Janjira have lived in relative harmony with the Gods and one another. The Balance has been maintained, and the Gods continue to walk the same lands as their followers, never again to slumber as before. They destroy and battle one another as do their faithful, most blessed of all who believe. For in no other land do the faithful, be they high priests or acolytes, so quickly find themselves in the presence of the divine.