Character Analysis: 3.0
Date: 11/17/04

        In 1994, Toho released Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, which is undeniably considered one of the worst films of the Heisei series. Directed by Kensho Yamashita, one of the messages the movie tried to inform the audience is if humanity continues to make our problems worse, then a new problem shall arise, even greater than the last. This is quite evident in the film, when Godzilla tackles his cosmic twin and one of his most powerful villains of all time: SpaceGodzilla.

        It isn't officially known how exactly SpaceGodzilla came to be. The theories presented in the film are that G-Cells had been sucked through a black hole and fused with crystallized organisms of unknown natures. The hybrid life form was then exposed to the vast energies of exploding stars, eventually exiting a white hole in the form of SpaceGodzilla. Speculations on how the G-Cells were hurled into a black hole in the first place point to the possibility of a fragment of Biollante venturing through space or Godzilla's flesh being attached to Mothra's body. It is known that Mothra had fought with Godzilla and then flew out of Earth's orbit into the dark recesses of space. Biollante had shown the capability of dissolving into tiny particles of pollen and then ascending beyond the skies of our planet. In truth, the two theories presented on how the cells were carried are possible. In retrospect, we can only assume both occurred in one way or another.

        Engaged in a short brawl with the robotic fighting-machine MOGUERA, SpaceGodzilla arrived on Earth with the prime objective of slaying the one whose DNA helped him become what he had became. Heralding a mixture of beauty and desolation, SpaceGodzilla was not only a duplicate of Godzilla, but also something more. In order to demonstrate the power and awe of the cosmic saurian, Toho had given SpaceGodzilla unique abilities. Next to Mechagodzilla and Destoroyah, SpaceGodzilla could be considered one of the Anti-Godzilla creations of the Heisei Series. SpaceGodzilla's arsenal is in truth designed to dispatch Godzilla. It is scary to realize that if not for human intervention, SpaceGodzilla would have triumphed.

        But in order to understand how SpaceGodzilla was a true threat, we must understand the nature of the intergalactic monster and his hosts of abilities. Discovering the full extent of SpaceGodzilla's power may be impossible, but with a little luck, we may be able to pass judgment on this spawn of terror, the likes none had ever seen before.

        Beneath SpaceGodzilla's skin is an entire network of bone and crystal. In SpaceGodzilla's biceps and legs, crystals had replaced the muscles. Even in the chest region, SpaceGodzilla's thick skin is covering hard crystallized fragments. The crystallized covering beneath the skin tissue on SpaceGodzilla's chest reinforces it from powerful assaults. As shown against MOGUERA's spiral grenade missiles, the first time the rockets struck SpaceGodzilla's chest, no harm had been brought to the space monster at all.

        Sticking out of his shoulders are large crystals that conceive long stems that are connected with these energy sacs nestled beneath the shoulders. The shoulder crystals act as a defense for the stems, which retrieves energy and sends it to the sacs below. However, the shoulder crystals are not strong enough to deter attacks that have the explosive might that MOGUERA's spiral grenade missiles possess.

        In his flying form, SpaceGodzilla's legs are replaced by crystals. A strange side effect when flying. The legs are either degenerated in size and tucked away inside the body or actually transform into crystals. This gives the impression that it is entirely possible for other parts of the body to do the same thing. The crystals on his body increase their length ten-fold, allowing them to provide cover for the space monster and be used to impale other objects if necessary.

        Unleashing a variety of powers, SpaceGodzilla is equipped with abilities that nobody had ever seen before. Whether they had been obtained from the crystallized organisms or the power dispersed by exploding stars is questionable, what matters is they should be taken seriously. It should be known that there are still plenty of mysteries shrouding SpaceGodzilla and not everything may earn its chance of obtaining fame. But in regards to the cosmic saurian of fear and power, they will be mentioned.

Cosmic Orbs:
Prior to his arrival, SpaceGodzilla would impel glowing spheres out of his body and allow them to hit a desired destination. These energetic spheres detonate with an impressive amount of power. But instead of being used as weapons, they are merely beacons that help SpaceGodzilla find his way through the galaxy. Not only are these beacons, but they are also seeds in erecting crystallized fields, acting as a stable source of energy to replenish their creator. Landing around these crystal fields, SpaceGodzilla can sap the crystals of their limited supply of energy and grow stronger. It is also possible for SpaceGodzilla to trap other creatures inside the crystal fields, depending on the size of the crystals and the captured monster. Fundamentally speaking, if SpaceGodzilla gained enough power, the entire world could logically be covered with a forest of crystals. Could it have been one of SpaceGodzilla's goals after his prime objective was completed?

Corona Beam:
In SpaceGodzilla's arsenal of cosmic decay, the signature weapon of this beast from the stars comes in the form of a whirling projectile of incredible power and accuracy. Such a projectile had been called the corona beam. Controlled by SpaceGodzilla's telekinetic might, this beam of pure energy had shown the ability to have a 'mind of its own'. It is able to direct its own direction, twisting and turning around its targets, aiming for wherever it desires. The corona beam ends in a dagger comprised of energy. Its only purpose in existence is to stab into the target, rip it wide open and explode. Slow-motion had shown an amazing discovery; when the corona beam detonates, the energetic dagger quickly reforms to strike again and again. SpaceGodzilla's corona beam is also capable of splitting up into separate entities, thereby inflicting more damage on its target by using more corona beams. It had been documented that in the fight against Godzilla, on numerous occasions, SpaceGodzilla's corona beam had succeeded in penetrating Godzilla's flesh. It is rare that such attacks have the capability of piercing the King of the Monster's armored-hide. A testament of the power SpaceGodzilla wields.

Reflective Shield:
In the numerous battles against Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla's prime counter against Godzilla's atomic beam was a reflective barrier. Appearing in front of SpaceGodzilla's body, the visible shield would stop Godzilla's beam and allow it to wash harmlessly across its form, spreading out of its sides and going in a direction Godzilla never intended. Not only had SpaceGodzilla's shield shown the capacity at guarding its master, but also other objects as well. In the confrontation against Godzilla in Fukuoka, Godzilla was aiming his atomic ray at Fukuoka Tower, which had become SpaceGodzilla's main power source. But astonishingly, SpaceGodzilla managed to forge a shield around the tower to protect it from Godzilla's wrath. One of the flaws of SpaceGodzilla's shield consists of two factors: 1) It takes up a quantity of energy that prevents the space monster from constantly using the barrier and 2) it had only been deployed to stop Godzilla's ray. Exactly what does this mean? Is it plausible for SpaceGodzilla's shield to counter projectiles coming from other kaiju? Perhaps, but SpaceGodzilla never attempted to use it against MOGUERA's energy-attacks. It is a mystery in this case to know exactly what would happen if SpaceGodzilla actually tried to use the shield against projectiles that are energy-based.

In the movie, it isn't hard to believe that SpaceGodzilla is the opposite of an intelligent creature. Being informed that its prime objective was to kill Godzilla is a little hard to believe, when on numerous occasions it had the chance to slay its target and proclaim itself the dominant ruler of the world. What was going on? In this author's opinion, it is actually a misconception. SpaceGodzilla's confrontation against Godzilla on Birth Island would lead the observer to believe that SpaceGodzilla had Godzilla right where he wanted him and could've slaughtered the King of the Monsters right there. This is true, but it should be remembered that SpaceGodzilla had just engaged in a battle against MOGUERA, which did deplete his energy. Fighting Godzilla alone would reduce the space monster's power, even with crystal fields in the area. And with Godzilla's regeneration rapidly healing his wounds, SpaceGodzilla knew his energy wasn't going to last any longer and with that small amount of power, killing Godzilla would've been a futile dream; thus the monster sought an area that would become the recreation of his kingdom, where an unlimited supply of power could be harnessed. Not even Godzilla's incredible regeneration could outlive that much power.

        This is but a small sample that concludes that the underrated intellect of SpaceGodzilla may be more than anyone would perceive.

One of SpaceGodzilla's other unique talents is the ability to use a psionic technique known as telekinesis. There are different forms of SpaceGodzilla's telekinesis. One form is used every time SpaceGodzilla levitates off the ground and flies through the air, it isn't visible. The others are visible by using a combination of telekinesis and energy. But they are different. When SpaceGodzilla is in his flying form, the telekinesis manifests in a different shape. While on land, the telekinesis arrives in the form of green bolts emitted out of SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals. It comes as to no surprise that by using the visible forms of telekinesis, SpaceGodzilla's energy is hampered and for a few minutes, the space monster would hesitate to extinguish any forms of energy for the sake of reserving his resources.

Telekinetic Pulse:
During SpaceGodzilla's battle with MOGUERA in the Asteroid Belt, SpaceGodzilla used a telekinetic pulse that scrambled MOGUERA's circuitry. Appearing in telekinetic rings, the attack gives the impression that it has electromagnetic side-effects. SpaceGodzilla used this attribute only once, though, and that was in space. This brings the impression that either SpaceGodzilla can only use this move in space or in his flying form; both cases are extremely possible.

Crystal Manifestation:
A mystery concerning one of SpaceGodzilla's attributes lies in his ability to manifest crystals. Shown in one of SpaceGodzilla's attacks on a space station, it looked as if SpaceGodzilla had literally grown crystals out of the vacuum of space and driven them through the outer haul of the station. It doesn't take much power to create the crystals, as shown in the infestation of Fukuoka and the setups on Birth Island. Still, SpaceGodzilla had shown that he is willing to use the crystals not only as power sources, but also as weapons. Literally pulling them out of the ground with his telekinesis, SpaceGodzilla hurled the crystals at Godzilla as if they were missiles. Sharp as they were to be able to penetrate the space station, they didn't inflict any forms of damage on the atomic dinosaur. When proven they were only good at replenishing his power, SpaceGodzilla never used them in combat again.

Plasma Absorption:
One theory that will be explained concerns the nature of SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals. On numerous occasions, MOGUERA and Godzilla had spewed their energy based projectiles upon the specific crystals in yet no damage had been inflicted. Perhaps they are just strong enough to withstand the force the beam's give off? That is a possibility, in yet there is another plausible answer. Take into account that the energy SpaceGodzilla's tower retrieves from space is cosmic rays, which are plasma based, we can theorize that SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals can literally feed off attacks that are plasma in nature. In truth, it isn't really the shoulder crystals that are feeding off the plasma, but the stems within. During the space battle, MOGUERA's plasma lasers released from its artificial eyes struck other crystals on SpaceGodzilla's body. The end result was explosions and the crystal struck glowing bright red. In yet, when MOGUERA's same plasma lasers struck SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals, the crystals gleamed brightly in yet no explosions ensued. It is in my belief that the stems within the shoulder crystals absorbed the plasma of the attack and made it a meal.

        But then why does SpaceGodzilla even need energy in the first place? Those stems should be able to just about absorb all the energies around us. This is very true, but I believe it depends on the type of energy and the quantity of it. But this is still just a theory.

Close Combat:
Up close and personal, SpaceGodzilla is not without his physical prowess. The space monster would heavily prefer to attack from a distance, but when forced to engage up close, SpaceGodzilla's attacks are vicious. SpaceGodzilla had shown the strategy to use his tail, which ends in sharp crystal spurs that give the impression it could be used as a stabbing weapon or a club. In its battle against Moguera, SpaceGodzilla had impaled the robot with his tail. Not only did it show that SpaceGodzilla is no stranger to a physical confrontation, but the space monster is capable of mustering incredible strength. After impaling Moguera with his tail, with the tail alone, SpaceGodzilla managed to lift MOGUERA high into the air and throw the massive machine away as if it was nothing. When unable to resort to using his tail, SpaceGodzilla is able to allow cosmic energy to surge through his fingers and zap anything it touches. SpaceGodzilla is even able to discharge bolts of cosmic energy out of his shoulder crystals.

Regenerative Power:
Like Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla had shown remarkable healing abilities. When MOGUERA's drill sliced into the lower neck area, SpaceGodzilla reacted and fended the attacker off. But in an instant, the wound had repaired itself and no damages were visible; however, the instant regenerative abilities only apply to parts of the body that are not crystal. It is entirely plausible for SpaceGodzilla to repair his crystals, but in terms of rapid succession, that wouldn't be the case.

Fortress Construction:
One of SpaceGodzilla's greatest abilities, though, is the capability of enveloping his entire body in a glowing sphere. The monster would fly around inside this energetic ball and when its ambitions for searching a power source is complete, it would hurl its form into the ground, unleashing a huge explosion. It is believed that the surge of energies given off by the explosion would seed the ground, allowing a forest of crystals to sprout out. A large fortress would be born in a matter of seconds. Beneath the ground a huge crystal would be created. This large crystal is connected with a tower of SpaceGodzilla's choosing, in this case the Fukuoka Tower. It would then be connected with other crystals that have popped up out of the ground. The large crystal is un-doubtfully filled with large quantities of energy. Its purpose is to relay that energy to the tower and crystals on the surface. With the energy successfully relayed, it would be called upon by the space monster and absorbed. But the tower is also capable of retrieving energy that doesn't just come from the large crystal. One of the reasons of why SpaceGodzilla chose it is because it can gather energy from space. The energy from space is then used to either replenish the energy dwindled within the large crystal or sent directly to SpaceGodzilla.

Final Thoughts:
Theories and criticism aside, SpaceGodzilla is still considered a powerhouse. While its intelligence is still questioned and the true nature of the beast a mystery, it is a fact that when dueling the cosmic saurian it is like playing a game of Chess. On land, SpaceGodzilla's crystal fields would already be set and if near a tower, an even greater fortress would have been assembled. The key to defeating the monster lies in disabling its power source and destroying the shoulder crystals. It's just easier said than done. Only a few could truly conquer over SpaceGodzilla and his crystal fortress.