S.H.MonsterArts BATTRA Special Color Ver. Set Preview
by Chris Mirjahangir
June 12, 2017

S.H.MonsterArts BATTRA Special Color Ver. Set PreviewHey everyone!

We're back with another exclusive look at the prototype of the Special Color Version of the Battra adult and larva set. This is the first time that both versions of Battra have been packaged together, and now there's a beam accessory included for the larva form, which was absent from the larva's original release.

For this look, Michal Shipman (Naruto65) did the photos of the prototypes for Toho Kingdom. Check out his own exclusive look at the set in the gallery and bonus video provided.

The pre-order window for this release closes next month on July 20th. It is available for pre-order here: http://us.p-bandai.asia/tamashiiwebshop/item-1000000818/