Godzilla Gaufrette Review
by Nicholas Driscoll
February 12th, 2017

Godzilla Gaufrette ReviewJapanese has a number of borrowed words from other languages, just like English does. Unlike English, however, Japanese usually marks foreign words by writing them in katakana (with the most notable exception being loan words from Chinese). Thus we end up with the Godzilla Gaufrette (ゴジラゴーフレット), “gaufrette” coming from French. The English word is Neapolitan wafer, but “Godzilla Neapolitan wafer” sounds much less cool. The actual confection comes from Sawarabi STK, which also made the Godzilla Pie.

Like the Godzilla Pie, though, the Godzilla Neapolitan wafer doesn’t look much like the traditional Neapolitan wafer, which usually comes in a sort of waffle-patterned rectangular wafer with several layers of wafer and cream. The Godzilla version consists of two circular wafers with some tasty cream slathered in between—something like a light and crispy biscuit version of an Oreo. Except this alternative Oreo also comes with a variety of Godzilla designs, such as a silhouette of the Big G or his name written in kanji. (I think there were five designs, but I, err, ate one of them, so you can only see four of them in the picture after the review).

Of all the Godzilla snacks I bought and shared with my friend, the Neapolitan wafer was the favorite, and I also quite liked the taste as well. It’s a sort of uncomplicated but delicious sweet concoction, fragile and easily crunched, but satisfying.

The box is less elaborate than the one for the Godzilla Pie, but still pretty awesome—“Godzilla Gaufrette” is written with ravaged letters fit for a G-poster, and the 1984 Godzilla is seen lurking on the side, along with famous landmarks in Japan such as the Tokyo Tower and Mt. Fuji, as well as “Godzilla comes on land” written in kanji. The lid shows another shot of The Return of Godzilla (1984) version of the King of the Monsters looking grumpy, and the whole box is a striking hexagonal shape.

Overall, the Godzilla Gaufrette is one of my favorites of the Godzilla snacks I have tried so far. It’s one of the biggest G-snacks, and has some of the best flavor, as well as cool designs (though the designs were also used in the Godzilla Cookies). If you have a chance to try this one (and the wafers aren’t already well past their expiration date), the Godzilla Gaufrette makes for an easy recommendation.

Godzilla Gaufrette Review

Godzilla Gaufrette Review