Baby Star Dodekai Ramen Shin Gojiramen Black Pepper and Hot Chili Review
by Nicholas Driscoll
September 30th, 2016

Baby Star Dodekai Ramen Shin Gojiramen Black Pepper and Hot Chili ReviewAlong with any decent large scale summer release, Godzilla Resurgence (2016) in Japan came along with quite the variety of products and snacks and promotions to capitalize on the return of everyone's favorite tyrannostegosaurus. Along with the Shin Hot Dogs and the Lotteria Shin Gojira Set (among other snacks) are the Baby Star Dodekai Ramen Shin Gojiramen, a cheap chip-like snack by the Oyatsu Company. The snack is supposed to taste like ramen noodles I guess and is probably made from similar ingredients, and the packaging has some amusing wordplay, including the combination of "gojira" with "ramen" and a tag line of "Anata tai Shin Gojira"--you vs Shin Gojira, with "shin" written with the kanji for "spicy," taking advantage of the deliberately vague title of Hideaki Anno's new movie ("shin" doesn't just mean "new," and when Anno named the movie that, he was going for several meanings at once). I bought my Shin Gojiramen recently at an Aeon Mall where they were relegated to the half-price bin, so I guess we can safely conclude they aren't selling well.

Baby Star Dodekai Ramen Shin Gojiramen Black Pepper and Hot Chili Review

That lack of sales may be due to the underwhelming quality of the snacks, at least as judged by my discerning (?) tongue. The black pepper flavor (ベビースタードデカイシン・ゴジラーメン- ブラックペッパー味) certainly is very black peppery, with an unhealthy dose of salt. I am not really complaining about the flavoring, though I am no big fan of black pepper chips. The source of my mild disappointment stems more from the bland texture of the ramen chips themselves. While the chips are certainly visually appealing as they curl and twist like so many edible ribbons blowing in the wind, the actual crunch lacks punch and struck me as having the mouth-feel of slightly stale potato chips. I grew tired of them after just a few bites. This snack is pictured at the top of the review.

The hot chili flavor (ベビースタードデカイ シン・ゴジラーメン-ホットチリ味) was better, at least to my tastes. The chips themselves are less messy as they don't have so much salt to fall off onto your fingers, and the chili flavoring seems to have been applied with a slightly sweet sauce and cooked in, so your fingers may feel a little sticky after a munch session. The flavor is hotter, but not scorching--enough to make me thirsty. Still, neither flavor was enough to make me want to buy more. This snack is pictured below.

Baby Star Dodekai Ramen Shin Gojiramen Black Pepper and Hot Chili Review

Enterprising individuals can also send a post card in to the company with name, address, sex, age, etc, to get either a poster or a press pamphlet, neither of which are being sold in stores. The packaging doesn't show what the poster or pamphlet look like, but it's a nice addition to a simple, fairly underwhelming snack. Still, for the curious, these are cheap snacks to feed your growing kaiju belly.