Xilien UFO X星人円盤

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Xilien UFO
  Powers/Weapons: Capable of space travel at speeds of up to 1/10 the speed of light; can fire an energy ray; able to transport objects in a state of suspended animation
First Appearance: Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965)
Series:  Showa  


Flying fortresses, the Xilien UFOs were built for waging war. Constructed for many different purposes, the crafts made humanity realize its limitations. Not only were they able to travel at god like speeds, they were able to transport any object, no matter the size, to any location they saw fit. Proving this fact, they encased the two monsters Godzilla and Rodan in bubbles that kept the titans in a suspended state of hibernation as they carried the beasts between Earth and Planet X.

However, this was the least of the ship's devastating powers. After they sprung their trap, the Xilien sent out their fleet against Earth. Thin beams of sapphire energy destroyed moving trucks and tanks. Wide washes of branching lightening melted radar dishes and homes. It seemed as if the combined strength of the kaiju and the saucers were too much. Thankfully, it was humanity that prevailed, though. Letting loss a blaring screeching noise from speaker trucks along with the A-Cycle Light Ray Guns, the Xilien were defeated. Their ships, destroyed in plumes of smoke.