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  Powers/Weapons: Flight; laser cannon
First Appearance: Gorath (1962)
Series:  Showa  


During the event of the Gorath disaster, the Union of Earth came up with a decisive plan of action. By constructing hundreds of rocket boosters on the plains of ice of the South Pole, the combined immortal force would push the Earth out of the incoming collapsed star's path. Providing fast ground cover for the team that manned these engines was the V-TOL, or Vertical Take-Off and Landing craft.

Unfortunately, during the test phase of the rocket boosters, the extreme heat awoke a giant walrus named Maguma. Trashing the power plant of the facility, the scientist knew that they needed to stop the animal. Their first effort, utilizing the V-TOL, was to only cause a landslide and bury the sabertoothed creature for the time being. This first attempt was in vain, as rising from the rocky aftermath Maguma charged the ship that sought to bury it. Left with little option, the pilot pulled the firing trigger to the laser beneath the V-TOL. Seconds passed as blood was spilt in its wake. Looking down, the team watched the dead form of Maguma slump over; already it's life-giving fluids starting to crystallize in the frigid air. The animal was killed to save millions.