Vampire Doll 血を吸う人形

Vampire Doll
Vampire Doll

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Able to move at extraordinary speeds; immortality that is bound to Junnosuke Yamaguchi's life


Vampire Doll (1970)

Series // Showa

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Born November 4th, 1949... declared dead June 13th, 1970. Yuko Nomura succumbed to contusion and internal injuries caused by a car accident. The incident also crushed one of her shoulders and left slash marks across her arm, but otherwise her exterior appearance looked unharmed. On the brink of death, the young woman is put into a hypnotic state.

Two weeks later, Yuko's fiance, Kazuhiko Sagawa, arrives at Tadeshina where Yuko lives. Upon reaching her house, Yuko's mother informs him of the tragic news: that her daughter passed away from the accident. In a state of grief, Kazuhiko decides to spend the night at the residence. As dusk hits, a strange wailing sound can be heard emanating from the house. Kazuhiko goes to investigate, only to stumble upon what appears to be Yuko. Unfortunately, he is struck from behind from an unseen object and falls unconscious.

Vampire DollWhen he awakes, Mrs. Nomura is standing over him. He frantically tells her that he saw Yuko, but Mrs. Nomura insists it was just a dream. The young man returns to his quarters, and takes out his gift for Yuko to lament her fate. While looking out the window, though, he witnesses Yuko skipping away from the house in the yard. Without hesitation, Kazuhiko runs out after her. He frantically searches until, by chance, he finds Yuko standing near her own grave. He confesses his relief, only to find her skin icy cold. As he asks her what is going on, she only replies if he can please kill her. Confused, he wonders aloud if she is sick before the two embrace while Kazuhiko says he will stay with her until she is well. Yuko smiles as her eyes turn bright yellow just as she takes out a knife...

More than a week later, Keiko, Kazuhiko's sister, travels with her boyfriend Hiroshi Tagaki to Tadeshina. They are hoping to meet up with Keiko's brother, having not heard from him since his arrival there. They end up at Yuko's house and are delivered the news by Mrs. Nomura of Yuko's death and that Kazuhiko had left four days ago. Keiko then requests to see Yuko's grave, and goes there alone with her boyfriend. Once there, she confesses that she doesn't trust Mrs. Nomura, while the pair also locate one of her brother's cuff links, leading to further suspicion. Reluctantly agreeing, Hiroshi removes the car's fan belt so it appears they have car trouble. They then ask if they can spend the night, hoping to investigate more.

After dinner, the pair hear an unnerving wailing sound coming from the house's lower levels. Hiroshi goes alone to investigate, only to be confronted by Mrs. Nomura. She asks him not to venture toward the lower areas of the house, claiming the foundation is weak, and stating the noise is simply the wind.

Very late that night, the pair separately explore the area. Hiroshi unsuccessfully tries to go back to the lower areas of the house, finding the doors locked. Keiko, meanwhile, hears the odd wailing noise again. She ends up getting trapped in her own room with Yuko, only to be inadvertently saved when she knocks over a light fixture which blinds Yuko temporarily. Mrs. Nomura and Hiroshi rush in after hearing the light break, but find only Keiko in the room. The pair assure her it was a nightmare, while Keiko is both frantic and frustrated trying to prove otherwise.

The next day, Hiroshi fixes their car and the pair head off. Keiko, however, still believes something isn't right. To prove it to her boyfriend, she shows him the broken gift her brother got Yuko as proof; an item she found at the house. So they venture into town to research more about the family. Visiting the coroner's office they learn how a burglar broke into the Nomura house and slaughtered everyone except Genzo and Mrs. Nomura, who afterwards gave birth to Yuko. They then meet Junnosuke Yamaguchi, the doctor who declared Yuko deceased, who happens to believe Keiko's story about seeing an undead Yuko. He relates his own experiences with the occult, noting that during the war he swore to have seen the specter of a fallen soldier.

After an argument, Hiroshi and Keiko go their separate ways. Keiko drives off to return to the house, leaving behind her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Hiroshi is approached by the grave digger, who overheard their conversation. He offers to dig back up Yuko for a fee, which Hiroshi agrees to.

Vampire DollAt the house, Keiko almost immediately gets into trouble as Mrs. Nomura locks her in one of the rooms. The doctor, Yamaguchi, then arrives at the house and sedates Keiko, following claims that she had gone insane. Later that night, Hiroshi and the grave digger unearth the coffin, only to find a dummy inside. As the dummy pops out, the grave digger becomes frightened and flees. However, in his panic, he eventually runs into Yuko and the grave digger is quickly killed by her. After hearing his scream, Hiroshi rushes to find him, only to stumble upon the grave digger's corpse and to witness Yuko in the distance. After attempting to pursue, Genzo leaps out to try and kill him. The two fight near a ledge, as Genzo unsuccessfully tries to push Hiroshi off only to slip and fall to his own death.

Afterwards, Hiroshi finds their car hidden nearby. Worried about Keiko, he rushes off to the house. At the residence, he confronts Mrs. Nomura about the truth of the coffin and demands to see Keiko. Mrs. Nomura ignores the demand, and instead explains what happened to Yuko. Relating that, on the brink of death, she was hypnotized, creating the Vampire Doll. Upon this revelation, Yamaguchi appears to admit he was the one who put Yuko in her trance. He further admits that the stories of the burglar who killed the Nomura family were about him. That he had loved Mrs. Nomura before the war, and upon his return he slaughtered her new loved ones. He further admits that Yuko is, in fact, his own daughter. However, Yamaguchi is not needlessly incriminating himself, but rather using the opportunity to hypnotize the shocked Hiroshi. The doctor's plan fails, though, when in the lower levels Keiko wakes up. After finding her brother's corpse and Yuko, she screams, knocking Hiroshi out of his trance. Her boyfriend then rushes to save her.

Together, the two attempt to flee, but are stopped by a gunshot as they turn to see the doctor holding them at gunpoint. Before Yamaguchi can kill them, though, Yuko appears. The doctor starts to proclaim that he is her father, but in an instant Yuko runs up and slash his throat. As the doctor quickly bleeds to death, Yuko refocuses and prepares to attack Keiko and Hiroshi. However, with the doctor dead, Yuko's trance is broken. The young girl instead falls to the ground, her skin turning a more natural color as she finally dies.

Powers / Weapons
Immortality That is Bound to Junnosuke Yamaguchi's Life

Able to Move at Extraordinary Speeds

The Vampire Doll was able to move at super human speeds. This allowed her to move faster than the human eye could keep up. As a result, her movement would almost appear as though she was teleporting multiple times while advancing toward a destination.

This power was only witnessed once, when she assaulted her father. It's unknown how frequently she used it to move around the house when unseen by others.

Immortality That is Bound to Junnosuke Yamaguchi's Life

Immortality That is Bound to Junnosuke Yamaguchi's Life

The Vampire Doll is immortal as long as Junnosuke Yamaguchi is alive.

Doctor Yamaguchi is the one who hypnotized Yuko Nomura at the time of death, transforming her into the undead Vampire Doll. The hypnosis inadvertently tied the doctor's life to the Vampire Doll, allowing the creature to live as long as the doctor did.

Background and Trivia
  • Portrayed by actress Yukiko Kobayashi.
  • Track titles on the Toho SFX Champion Festival CD set refer to her character as a "Deceased Beauty" (死美人 - Shi Bijin). This is seen as a nickname, as later in the set they call her a "wandering Bloodthirsty Doll".
  • Vampire DollThe 2005 publication Godzilla: Toho Giant Monster Picture Encyclopedia (ISBN: 4092800525) lists an English name of "Vampire Doll" for the undead being.
  • In an interview for the DVD release of the "Bloodthirsty Trilogy", producer Fumio Tanaka has stated that the Vampire Doll is based on the Edgar Allan Poe story The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar. Written in 1885, the short story details how a man named Valdemar is under hypnosis at the moment of death. As a result, he is kept in a suspended state for seven months. Upon being released from his hypnosis, his body instantly and gruesomely decays.
  • While the Vampire Doll would occasionally speak in a normal tone, she was more often silent. Off screen, she would emit a strange, wind-like voice. On the Toho SFX Champion Festival CD set, this is called a "tearful voice" (泣き声). The movie's production staff created this sound through the use of a Shakuhachi, a flute made from the root end of a bamboo culm.
  • On a commentary track for the DVD, actress Yukiko Kobayashi stated that the gold pupil contacts made it almost impossible to see.