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Type 90 Tank
Length: 9.8 meters
Height: 2.3 meters
Mass: 50 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Armed with a 120mm cannon; equipped with 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns; able to move at 70 kilometers per hour
First Appearance: Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)
Other Appearances: Gamera 2: Advent of Legion
Series:  Gamera (Distributed)  


In the mid 1990's, as Gamera was in pursuit of the last surviving Gyaos, the Japanese Self-Defense Force prepared to annihilate Gamera, who was incorrectly identified as the more dangerous foe. As the monster crashed into the ground, an order was given to dispatch the Type 90 tanks, a standard vehicle for the SDF. Although Gamera cried in pain, the ammunition failed to penetrate his flesh. The F15J Jets were launched into battle, and Gamera was sent tumbling onto his back. The severity of the situation was amplified when the Gyaos attempted to use its sonic beam on the heroic guardian. Injured and outgunned, Gamera was forced to retreat...

One year later, after the initial resolution of the Gyaos threat, an extra-terrestrial swarm of Legion became the nation's new crisis. In the heat of the waging war, Sendai was completely annihilated. The Type 90 tanks were again ordered into battle, this time sent to destroy Legion. The cannons blazed with power, but their power proved to be futile. The queen Legion unleashed its searing horn beam and wiped out half of the platoon. The tanks were forced to leave at once and regroup while the military watched helplessly as their deadly enemy made its way to the base of Mount Akayuka.