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  Powers/Weapons: Flight; can travel through space; laser cannon; able to fire a capsule that attaches to Zone Fighter's head piece and replenishes his energy; can fire a recharge beam; can create smoke to conceal itself or others; able to fire a yellow stream of energy to harm an enemy
First Appearance: Zone Fighter Episode 1. Destroy The Terro-Beast Missile! (1973)
Other Appearances: Zone Fighter Episode 2-26
Series:  Showa  


One of the few surviving technological marvels from the planet Peaceland, Smokey is a versatile spacecraft often utilized by the siblings Zone Junior and Zone Angel during times of trouble. Though normally relegated to standby mode amidst the clouds, this long-endurance aerial vehicle could be summoned at a moment's notice to recharge or replace Zone Fighter's precious energy capsule. Providing close air support in the heat of battle, this futuristic vessel not only had the ability to distract an enemy monster's attention to give Zone Fighter time to recover, but also boasted competency in the realm of air-to-air combat as well, felling more than one Garoga ship during its illustrious career. Perhaps the extraterrestrial warbird's greatest accomplishment to date was blocking the moonlight in a successful bid to exploit Barakidon's weakness to the dark, thus giving the Meteor Man the advantage he needed to annihilate Garoborg.

The value of this multirole combat aircraft would not be overlooked by the space warrior it was often deployed to assist, as the Meteor Man even rescued it from Garoga's grasp (at great risk) during a battle with the space monster Barugas.