Garoga Space Station ガロガ宇宙ステーション

Garoga Space Station
Garoga Space Station

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Terror-Beast Missile


Zone Fighter Episode 1 - Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile! (1973); Zone Fighter Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 12, Episode 13, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 16, Episode 20, Episode 21, Episode 22, Episode 23, Episode 24, Episode 25, Episode 26

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In their bid for conquest, the Garoga aliens constructed a giant space station. Acting as their central command, the space fortress was heavily staffed. Among the personnel were both those militant and those in the science department. Those scientists were then tasked with creating an army of kaiju called Terror-Beasts. Monsters bent to the Garoga's will and could be used as instruments of destruction. Everything on the station, though, ran through the command of Baron Garoga.

After the destruction of Peaceland, the Garoga set their sights on Earth. This happened to be the planet where some of the Zone Aliens, former inhabitants of Peaceland, escaped to. Moving the space station into the solar system, the violent aliens began their attack.

Their first strike involved firing a Terror-Beast Missile at the planet. Rather than containing a Terror-Beast, though, Garoga aliens emerged from the missile crash site. The extraterrestrials then took on the form of regular human beings, as the invasion of Earth started. As it turned out, though, these were not regular Garogas. The next night, they joined to transform into the monster Red Spark. However, the creature was defeated by Zone Fighter, a transformed Zone alien warrior. The space station was not finished, though. It launched another Terror-Beast Missile at Earth, this was containing the monster Jikiro. This creature was also defeated, though, by Zone Fighter.

Realizing the power of the Zone aliens on Earth, the Garoga set to work to construct an army of monsters. This included creatures they created, but also seeking out beasts who had previously terrorized Earth. Among those was King Ghidorah, summoned by an exploding Terror-Beast Missile. The three-headed monster attacked Earth, and a fierce battle ensued between it and Zone Fighter. After a prolonged battle, the two eventually made their way to Venus. On the planet, King Ghidorah was finally beaten.

The Garoga were obsessed with invading the planet, though. Terror-Beast Missile after missile was launched at the planet. Time and time again, though, Zone Fighter defeated the beasts inside. Sometimes Zone Fighter bested them alone, other times he sought help from Godzilla.

Baron Garoga was relentless, though. Trained and developed inside the space station, a X-Squadron of Garoga were readied. Unleashed on Earth, the soldiers attacked and eventually formed into the monster Grotogauros. Despite improvements to their soldiers and techniques, though, the creature also fell at the hands of Zone Fighter.

Powers / Weapons
Terror-Beast Missile

Terror-Beast Missile

The mammoth Garoga fortress can fire Terror-Beast Missiles from ports on the side of the space station. These missiles, which sometimes have red or gray tips, can open to release a giant monster from a capsule or can detonate to unleash the creature kept inside. They could also sometimes store Garoga alien troops.

The beast inside the missile will sometimes be outfitted with a parachute to aid in landing. In fact, the parachute was sometimes used even if the target could fly, such as with Gigan. When summoning King Ghidorah, though, the missile instead exploded in space. This created a series of detonations before the three-headed monster emerged.

Background and Trivia
  • The giant fortress' main weapon is known as the "Terror-Beast Missile" (恐獣ミサイル - Kyoju Misairu) in books like Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia (ISBN: 9784096820902). The name Terror-Beast is a creative translation of the title, which can be seen as alluding to dinosaurs. In fact, other sources like Yu-Gi-Oh! translate 恐獣 as "Dino Beast" or "Tyranno". However, this becomes more in-line with the terror title when considering that dinosaur means terrible lizard.
  • The Garoga Space Station appears during the opening title sequence of the show.
  • In episode 9, episode 15 and episode 22, ignoring the title sequence, the Garoga Space Station is only seen from the inside.