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Trip Wire Cannons
  Powers/Weapons: Can discharge a ray from its central cannon
First Appearance: The War of the Gargantuas (1966)
Series:  Showa  


When the monster Gaira began to prey off the people of Japan, the JSDF swiftly developed a plan to strike back and vanquish this ghastly beast once and for all. Two newly-developed directed-energy weapons would be necessary to see this mission through to completion. Setting villages aflame and utilizing tanks to lure Gaira closer and closer, the JSDF deployed the first of their state-of-the-art particle beam weapons, the Maser Cannon. Searing the behemoth's flesh, the Self-Defense Force was poised to claim victory over an invading kaiju at long last. Experiencing intense pain and primal fear, the green hairy anthropoid attempted to flee.

Prepared for just such an eventuality, the second cutting-edge conductive energy device was deployed, the Trip Wire Cannon. Unintentionally setting off the potentially incapacitating device by means of its very namesake, Gaira was zapped by a beam not unlike that of the weapon's mobile cousin, the Maser Cannon. With both flavors of scientifically-realized rayguns blocking all other paths of escape, Gaira leapt into a small lake in an attempt to escape his impending doom. The unsuspecting beast had fallen right into a trap! Millions of volts of electricity began to surge through the lake's conductive waters. The green Gargantua would have met his physical end in a most miserable fashion, were it not for the unexpected assistance of his gentler sibling.

Though victory was within a hair's width of reality, the mission was essentially a failure. The Trip Wire Cannons, though effective, had limited potential. The sessile kin of the more versatile Maser Cannons, this niche technology would likely find itself collecting dust in years to come.