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Time Shifter
  Powers/Weapons: Can send objects through time when they fall into the center
Weakness: Takes three minutes to fully charge
First Appearance: Returner (2002)
Series:  Millennium  


In the year 2084, humanity is on the brink of extinction. A species of alien, which humans call "Daggra", is decimating the planet Earth. The remnants of humankind are held up in the mountains of Tibet. Within the cavernous walls lies their greatest creation: a time machine called the Time Shifter. With it, humanity may have a chance to survive. Their plan to send a volunteer back into the past to stop the Daggra invasion by killing the very first one could foreseeably prevent the eventual war that the sinister race would ultimately bring. The only person who would ever use the Time Shifter was a young woman named Milly, and she barely enters the Shifter's portal alive, as an attack by a Daggra warrior annihilates the machine exactly when she begins to venture to the past. Though the chances appear slim, the hope of the world rests on her shoulders...