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TH-55J Helicopter

Length: 9.4 meters
Height: 2.66 meters
Mass: 592 kilograms

Powers/Weapons: Flight at 158 kilometers per hour

First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973)

Series:  Showa  


Impressed by the performance of the OH-13 Sioux and the OH-23 Raven and yet realizing the age of the aircraft, the US Army began searching for a replacement. At the same time, Hughes Helicopters had been busy designing and building a low-cost lightweight two-seater helicopter called the TH-55. Although first flown in 1956, the TH-55J underwent a redesign and overhaul before it entered production in 1960. Also known as the Model 269, it quickly became a hit in the civilian market with customers from law enforcement, agriculture and other occupations operating the TH-55J for many years.

Even before it entered production, the TH-55J caught the eye of the US Army. At first, the army rejected the TH-55J for use as a combat helicopter but in 1964 adopted it for use as a scout and observation aircraft as well as its main role of a trainer aircraft for helicopter pilots. Besides the US Army, the TH-55J served in the military forces of several other nations as well.

Amongst those military forces was the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF), which at the time was dealing with the threat posed by the kaiju. As a result, it used everything in its arsenal to combat the threat even if its builders had not intended for the weapon to see actual combat and that included the TH-55J.

After a beetle-like kaiju named Megalon appeared and routed JGSDF units, a robot inventor by the name of Goro Ibuki consulted with the JSDF. He persuaded them that he could use his robot Jet Jaguar to help summon Godzilla for assistance. Using a TH-55J along with a remote control device built into the robot, the JSDF helped Ibuki regain control of Jet Jaguar and send it off to Monster Island. Afterwards for a short time, the TH-55J that had the inventor continued to pursue and observe Megalon as he headed on towards Tokyo while moving in a random and savage fashion before the JASDF arrived to attack the kaiju.