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Submarine T232


Powers/Weapons: Equipped with an armament of torpedoes and ballistic missiles

First Appearance: Virus (1980)

Series:  (Distributed)  


Submarine T232 was a nuclear vessel in the Soviet Union. The craft, which was under the command of Ensign Smirnov, was in active duty during the outbreak of the MM88 virus. Although managing to survive late into the infection cycle, the crew of the T232 eventually fell prey to the disease as death and illness swept the craft. By chance, the submarine happened to approach Palmer Station in Antarctica, where a group of survivors were trying to make a new life for themselves with the virus unable to thrive in the cold conditions. Radioing for assistance, Smirnov pleaded with the survivors to let his crew enter their haven, but was denied as close proximity to them would undoubtedly infect the station's inhabitants. As luck would have it, Captain McCloud aboard the nearby HMS Nereid happened to listen in on the radio exchange, and delivered the crew of the T232 a warning after they threatened to land regardless of consequence. In a state of panic and desperation, Smirnov ordered the T232 to take up an offensive position against the British submarine. With a skirmish underway, McCloud acted, engaging a ballistic missile which quickly found its target, sinking the submarine and with it the infected passengers.