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Spray Tank
  Powers/Weapons: Able to fire an airborne toxin from its four cylinders
First Appearance: Dogora (1964)
Series:  Showa  


Dogora, a massive monster resembling a jellyfish, was wrecking havoc across the globe, absorbing carbon-based materials at astonishing rates and forcing the world's leaders to come to the conclusion that this space creature would have to be stopped once and for all. The astute scientist Dr. Munakata observed that the chemicals present in wasp venom caused dramatic changes in Dogora's cells, crystallizing their structure. Word got out, and mass production began all over the world. This led to the creation of the all-too-necessary deployment system: the spray tank. Equipped with powerful pumps to release the artificial venom into the atmosphere, thereby injecting the extra-terrestrial being with the substance; this rather simple device quickly became the ultimate mechanized weapon at the disposal of Japanese Self-Defense Force.

Twenty minutes prior to the arrival of the spray tanks on the scene of the most recent attack, howitzers were aimed to fire at the creature that was busy engorging itself with all the carbon it could find. As helicopters and jets released the chemical from above, the spray tank unleashed its own supply of the toxic substance from below. The deadly mists engulfed the monster's cells, and Dogora was reduced to giant boulders of crystallized matter. Despite the helpfulness of this attack, there were casualties due to the plummeting boulders of Dogora's hardened flesh; nevertheless, the monster was permanently thwarted, and its dangerous potential was never fully realized.