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Spirit of Spider's Web
  Powers/Weapons: Able to create illusions; precognition; can alter its own appearance; able to vanish and move unseen through Spider's Web's Forest
First Appearance: Throne of Blood (1957)
Series:  Showa  


The gruff voiced spirit of Spider's Web's Forest, a winding woodland surrounding Spider's Web's Castle that works as a maze and a natural defense for the fortress. The spirit typically takes on the visage of an elderly woman, but is not limited to this appearance.

While venturing from their individual outposts, the apparition of Spider's Web comes across Washizu Taketoki and Miki Yoshiaki, who are lost on their way to the castle. After hearing the spirit's laughter, the pair try to make it through the forest without confrontation, but happen upon a strange hut and dismount their horses to investigate. Inside the shelter the pair find an old woman, huddled over a spindle singing of mankind's meaningless lives. Washizu and Miki threaten the woman, asking her to tell them if she is a spirit or a humanbeing. The woman ignores the question and proceeds to tell Washizu of his future, of his becoming Lord of the North Garrison that night and Great Lord later on. She then tells Miki that he will become commander of the first fortress that night and his son will eventually become Great Lord. The spirit then vanishes, leaving Washizu and Miki in a confused state. The two venture through the hut in search of the spirit, only to turn around and find that the hut has vanished. In its place, they discover a huge pile of human skeletons, and decide to continue to Spider's Web's Castle.

As dusk falls at the stronghold, Washizu and Miki are awarded for their bravery in battle, as Washizu is appointed Lord of North Garrison and Miki commander of the first fortress. The two are both shocked with joy, and overwhelmed with confusion as part of the spirit's premonition has come true.

Time passes and Washizu tells his wife, Asaji, of the spector's prophecy. The wife starts to contemplate scenarios, and tells her husband of one to kill the Great Lord himself and take the thrown by force. Washizu scoffs at the thought, telling Asaji that the Great Lord respects him and that he is content with being Lord of the North Garrison. Asaji then asks him what were to happen, however, if Miki were to tell the Great Lord of the Spirit's prophecy, would the Great Lord accept that Washizu was happy and not try to kill him to stop a potential threat to his reign? Washizu once again scoffs as he explains that Miki is his childhood friend and isn't capable of betrayal. Asaji is not so certain, and says that in this world its kill or be killed.

Shortly after the discussion, word of the Great Lord's advance is reported to Washizu, a move that should have been reported ahead of time. Washizu welcomes the Great Lord, and his troops, to the North Garrison. Later, the Great Lord explains that his relocation here is so he can watch over Inui, a lord who attempted to defeat the Great Lord earlier, and also elevates both Washizu and Miki in rank: Washizu to the Great Lord's vanguard and Miki in control of Spider's Web's Castle.

That night, Washizu continues to scoff at Asaji for her earlier doubts of the Great Lord, explaining how his new rank is proof of the trust the Great Lord has in him. Asaji, however, is still not convinced as she explains his new rank as vanguard is vulnerable to "arrows from both sides." She explains how he was cheated out of Lord of North Garrison for his new position in harm's way, and how Miki was relocated to the safety of Spider's Web's Castle. Asaji continues to plot, and finally devises a plan to drug the Great Lord's guards allowing time for Washizu to kill the ruler and then his guards, blaming them for treason in the process. Washizu, reluctantly, goes along with the plan and kills the Great Lord and his gaurds. Washizu then goes after Noriyasu and the Great Lord's orphaned son claiming the two as traitors, the pair lead Washizu to Spider's Web's Castle, but manage to flee. Washizu enters the fortress and is greeted by Miki who tells of his plan to suggest Washizu for Great Lord, who accepts the position.

In response to the honor Miki has bestowed him, Washizu explains to his wife his plan to announce Miki's son as his successor seeing as how the two don't have a child. This news makes Asaji furious as she explains that she did soil her own hands with blood to see another be the successor. Washizu tries to reason with her, saying they have no son to appoint, but Asaji says he is mistaken explaining that she is pregnant. Washizu is shocked by the news. In response, Washizu orders both Miki and his son killed, and while Miki is murdered his offspring manages to escape. Furious over his men's failure Washizu kills the general in charge of the task. Washizu later discovers that Asaji is pregnant with a stillborn child, leaving the pair without a succesor.

Word spreads of a mounting attack against Washizu's reign as Noriyasu joins forces with both Miki's son and the previous Great Lord's son. Together they have a formidable army that quickly takes control of Washizu's outposts and makes way to Spider's Web's Castle, where Washizu is currently located. Washizu quickly ventures out to the surrounding forest to seek guidance from the spirit who foretold his future. After giving chase to the spirit's laughter, the two once again meet. Washizu asks the spirit the outcome of the coming battle, at which the spirit tells Washizu to put his fears to rest as he will not fall until the very trees of Spider's Web's Forest attack his castle.

Washizu returns, confident of his victory. Meanwhile, the invading armies find their way through Spider's Web's Forest and approach the castle, but do not attack. Washizu reassures his men, explaining the spirit's prophecy and how he will not fail until the very trees attack. All is quite that night up until morning, as lookouts see, amongst the heavy fog, what appear to be trees approaching the castle. Washizu's men panic, recalling what their lord had told them of the prophecy. In response, they kill lord Washizu in an attempt to offer him as a sign of devotion to the oncoming forces. As the fog clears, though, it is revealed that the trees are being moved by carts and horses by the invading forces with the intention of being used as cover from arrows that would be fired from the fortress.