SPIP スピップ号


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Powers / Weapons

Flight; capable of space travel; heat ray gun; space radar


Battle in Outer Space (1959)

Series // SHOWA

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Following in the footsteps of the Alpha and Beta class warships, which proved crucial in the battle against the Mysterians, humanity continued to advance in the development of ships. This led to the birth of the SPIP class space rockets. Designed with both offense and defense in mind, as they were equipped with a powerful heat ray gun and featured armor composed of beryllium 19, the SPIPs were formidable. Realizing the threat was liable to be extraterrestrial in nature, the next generation of crafts were space capable as well. In fact, although ready for war, the SPIPs were originally designed with the exploration of the solar system in mind almost in equal measure to their ability to fight.

Built in factory 99 at the International Space Science Center in Japan, two crafts were built through a coalition of the world's scientists. Similar to the Alpha and Beta, the two SPIPs were created with different color schemes: one red, known as SPIP 1, and one blue, known as SPIP 2. Finished in 1965, the spaceships were ready at an opportune time as the world was currently under siege from an unknown force.

SPIPThis threat presented itself right at the doorstep of the International Space Science Center, as a seemingly rogue member of the organization, Doctor Achmed, attempted to steal a heat run gun. His effort was foiled, though, and he was chased through the center. Eventually he found his was outside where a mysterious UFO, belonging to the Natarl, approached. As a red ray emanated from the alien craft, Achmed fled from his pursuers as he rushed to greet it, moving himself directly into the light. Sadly, the ray disintegrated the man. From the limited remains, a mind control device was discovered, hinting at a nefarious scheme. Evidence was also gathered that the aliens were operating from the moon, striking the Earth from a base there.

Not content to let the aliens continue to bring the fight to them, humanity decided to launch the two SPIPs. The space rockets were to make their way to the moon, confronting the aliens. For the mission, doctors Adachi and Roger Richardson commanded the two crafts respectively, with Adachi in charge of SPIP 1 and Richardson in charge of SPIP 2.

Throughout the night, the SPIPs were prepared and ready for launch by the following morning. The two rockets launched successfully, paving a path toward the Natarl. During their mission, the craft's Space Radar picked up an anomaly, which turned out to be the remains of the JSS-3, a space station that was the first victim of the Natarl. Saying a prayer, the crew of the SPIPs marshaled on. However, another anomaly was detected: Meteor Torpedoes launched by the Natarl. The guided weapons were attempting to destroy humanity's spaceships. Unfortunately, Iwomura, a member of SPIP 1, was under the control of the Natarl. He was successful in sabotaging the heat ray gun, leaving the battle in the hands of the SPIP 2. Luckily, the last of the Meteor Torpedoes were destroyed while Iwomura was discovered as the culprit behind why SPIP 1's heat ray gun failed. After Iwomura was restrained by being tied to a chair, a warning over radio waves was sent by the aliens. A warning to turn around or else the members of the SPIPs would meet their demise.

Unflinching, the crews planned their descent and readied themselves for battle. To avoid radar detection, the SPIPs landed on the east side of one of the mountains on the Moon. Once there, Moon All Terrain Vehicles were unloaded from the SPIPs. Most of the crew, save a couple members and the restrained Iwomura, loaded their way into the vehicles. They then took off, eventually discovering the aliens.

SPIPAfter the Natarl base was engaged and damaged by the crews of the ships, they retreated. They headed back to the landing site, albeit in one Moon All Terrain Vehicle as the other one's treads were frozen. However, upon arrival to the landing site, it was found that SPIP 1 had been destroyed by Iwomura. He had escaped from his restraints, knocked out one of the crew members left behind as a guard, and configured the ship to self destruct. Giving himself enough time, he escaped on his was to destroy SPIP 2. Thankfully, though, the Natarl base being damaged broke the mind control before the second ship could be destroyed.

Consumed by guilt, Iwomura provided cover fire, unleashing the beam from a handheld heat ray gun at the advancing aliens. This allowed the last Moon All Terrain Vehicle to dock with SPIP 2. Iwomura waved goodbye, as the crew members looked on with sorrow as the man made a valiant last stand, managing to take out one of the Natarl UFOs. Eventually, though, Iwomura himself was killed, struck by the beam from a Natarl UFO.

The surviving SPIP returned to Earth, the battle in outer space a success, although one with sacrifices involved. The war wasn't over, though. Knowing the aliens would likely retaliate, defense forces were prepared, including the readyment of smaller space rockets, caleld FFE Space Fighters, that would carry on what the SPIPs had started.

Powers / Weapons


The SPIP was able to fly within Earth's atmosphere.

When launching, the crafts rocketed through the sky to begin their mission to the Natarl's base of operations on the moon.

Space Travel

Space Travel

The giant ships were able to quickly travel through outer space.

In fact, the huge space rocket was able to travel to the moon in 52 hours. It was noted as crossing 376,000 kilometers in this time frame.

Heat Ray Gun

Heat Ray Gun

The SPIP was equipped with a large heat ray gun at the tip of the craft. This gun fired a narrowband energy radiation beam, jagged in appearance.

This beam was able to easily destroy Meteor Torpedoes, which the Natarl Mother Ship fired at the SPIPs, when it came in contact with them.

Space Radar

Space Radar

Four sensors were located near the front of the spaceship, able to extend to activate Space Radar capabilities for the craft.

The craft used this to detect objects around it, first demonstrated when it noticed the remains of the JSS-3 floating nearby. It was also used to identify the oncoming Meteor Torpedoes before the Space Radar was retracted for battle mode.

Background and Trivia
  • The 2005 publication Godzilla: Toho Giant Monster Picture Encyclopedia (ISBN: 4092800525) lists an English name of "SPIP" for the crafts.
  • The English, dubbed version created for the US market by Columbia Pictures mixes up the SPIPs on occasion, noting at one point that Doctor Adachi was in the second SPIP and Doctor Roger Richardson was in the first SPIP. In reality, the Adachi was in the first. This error is not consistent, as at other points it correctly identifies the first SPIP.