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Length: 99 meters
Wingspan: 54.6 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; capable of space travel; can fire a heat ray; able to deploy exploration mobiles known as Moon Buses
First Appearance: Battle In Outer Space (1959)
Series:  Showa  


After Dr. Achmed was disintegrated by a Natarl UFO, a mind control device was left behind hinting at a nefarious scheme. Not content to let the aliens continue to bring the fight to them, the Japanese decided to launch their two space rockets, the SPIPs. The crafts were to gather more data on this new enemy and to halt their plans for the attack on Earth.

Throughout the night, the SPIPs were prepared and ready for launch in the following morning. The two rockets launched successfully, paving a path toward the Natarl. Not even guided weapons from the aliens could stop the twin spaceships. However, one of the crew members of SPIP-1 was under mind control of the Natarl and was ordered to destroy the ship. When the Heat Ray Cannon stopped working on SPIP-1, two crew members were sent to check. They found Iwomura, the man under Natarl control, who disabled the weapon. He was then knocked out and tied to a chair. SPIP-1 could only pull off evasive maneuvers until both of the ships landed on the moon. Once there, the use of the Moon All Terrain Vehicles was needed for the rest of the mission.

After the Natarl base was engaged and damaged by the crews of the ships, they retreated. They headed back to the landing site, albeit in one Moon All Terrain Vehicle as the other one's treads were frozen. However, upon arrival of the landing site, it was found that SPIP-1 had been destroyed by Iwomura. Thankfully, the Natarl base being damaged broke the mind control. Consumed by guilt, Iwomura provided cover fire. This allowed the last Moon All Terrain Vehicle to dock with SPIP-2 and escape the moon. Iwomura himself was killed, though, when a Natarl UFO beam hit him.

SPIP-2 returned to Earth, as a defense force was prepared to greet the aliens that included the FFE Space Fighters.