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Space Station Terra
  Powers/Weapons: Capable of space travel
First Appearance: Gorath (1962)
Other Appearances: The War in Space
Series:  Showa  


The Space Station Terra is the primary recognizance platform of the United Nations. The flying city received the valuable data and figures from the JX-2 Eagle when it was sent out to study the collapsed Gorath Star. This space station also served as a loading dock for the Eagle craft, and refilled the ship's hull with the priceless fuel it needed. After they had gathered all the information they could from the Gorath star, the Terra returned to Earth. The UN did not want the multibillion-dollar piece of machinery be caught in the path of the hurling body.

Later, in 1988, the space station is destroyed as part of the Messiah 13's bid for conquest of Earth. The craft is ripped apart from the attack, as pieces of the station drift through space.