Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens M宇宙ハンター星雲人

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Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens (Disguise)
Height: 1.7 meters
Mass: 60 kilograms
  Weakness: Will revert out of their disguised form when approaching death
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)
Series:  Showa  


Fumio Sudo and his long-time friend and former teacher of English, Mr. Kubota, met their demise on that ill-fated excursion when they went for what was to be a grand day of mountain climbing in their home town of Yamanoshi. Tragically, young Fumio was only the age of 17 at the time of his passing. The sad event gripped the small town of his birth, and come the one-year anniversary of the event, the temple was undergoing the usual procedures to commemorate the event. But something very strange was about to occur...

Two strangers from the city, Gengo Kotaka and Shosaku Tagasuki, came to visit, and began inquiring about the late Fumio and Kubota. What struck the female attendant on duty as odd was the fact that they were speaking as though the two men were still alive! She was taken off guard, and had to reveal that they had passed on one year earlier, much to the utter surprise of these men, one of whom could have sworn he had seen both only days earlier in Tokyo. The priest entered the conversation and became intrigued about the sighting. He inquired about these purported specters, only to hear Gengo's revelation that Fumio was a genius, to which the priest jokingly admitted that the young man was never too bright. But when the female attendent brought the photo album that revealed the images of Fumio and Kubota, Gengo looked as though he had seen a ghost... two ghosts, to be exact. The pictures were an exact match, to the men he had seen in Tokyo...

Flashback one week. The so-called Fumio Sudo and Kubota from the city were upper tier executives of the non-profit World Children's Fund, an organization whose mission statement was clear, albeit cryptic: perfect peace. They were building World Children's Land, an amusement park that would feature Godzilla Tower, an enormous architectural mind-boggler equipped with an exhaustive museum dedicated to monsters: old and new; fictional and real. Gengo Kotaka was employed as a free-lance manga artist, who had a few ideas that Kubota appeared to admire. But Gengo felt that something was amiss straight from the get-go, and when he ran into Machiko Shima and Shosaku Tagasuki, who revealed that Machiko's brother was being held against his will in the tower, it led to the need for feverish research.

For the truth is as unreal as it could possibly get...

Creatures from Nebula Space Hunter M were preparing to colonize the world, and they utilized the guise of the human facade to continue their subversive actions undercover. Their plans were forced to change when they lost one of their key tapes. The chaotic shift in their protocol of action led to the advent of two abominations. Gigan and King Ghidorah were summoned from mammoth gems floating aimlessly in the cosmos, and the terrible duo was sent to attack Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the "good guys" were trying to infiltrate Children's Land to rescue Takashi Shima, when they were captured and forced to watch helplessly as the space monsters ripped Tokyo apart, and appeared to ensure the Nebulans' plans for victory. They managed to escape however, and reveal these horrible findings to the authorities, who were hesitant to help, but reluctantly agreed to a clever plan of action...

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Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens
Height: 2 meters
Mass: 100 kilograms
  Powers/Weapons: Able to don the guise of another species that will wear off when the Nebulan is near death
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)
Series:  Showa  


In the depths of space, there exists a planet, not very different from our own. Once inhabited by a race of careless beings, the planet's ecosystems felt the full brunt of a pollution-based onslaught that began to render environmental conditions too harsh. In time, the dominant species destroyed itself by its own reckless means; their own pollution became the bane of their worldly existence, and ensured their premature and tragic extinction.

But again, much like our own planet, there existed a species of creatures which had the means to naturally survive these brutal conditions. In fact, these hearty creatures were very similar in both appearance and genetic makeup to a genus of arthropods from this planet. There was a difference however, between the roaches of Earth and the "roaches" from that doomed world... these monsters from afar were highly intelligent. They developed technological prowess, and utilized these skills in their attempts to free themselves from the worsening conditions of their own dying planet in pursuit of a more fruitful world, one whose doom was not yet fully set in stone. The aliens from Nebula Space Hunter M dreamed to conquer Earth!

In order to cultivate perfect peace by means of the extinction of Earth's dominant species; they posed as humans by utilizing the guise of the departed, and calculated their efforts to reign destruction on civilization by the means of the monsters Gigan and King Ghidorah, whom they controlled. However, a handful of humans uncovered their schemes and managed to trick these extra-terrestrial by means of their own blind dependence on technology, using a small handful of soldiers to load their elevator with TNT. The Nebulans' Earth headquarters, the immense Godzilla Tower with its terrifying laser defense system, was destroyed by the efforts of the humans, and the downfall of the Nebulan invasion was at hand. The sentient insects were slain under the weight of their own machines, amidst the vermillion glow of the lapping flames which sealed their demise. Their true form, only once visible in the shadow of their cunning uniform, became completely visible as they uttered their final words. Godzilla Tower exploded, and the invading force disappeared in the conflagration.

That perfect peace, which they had sought through the tyrannical end of human civilization, came to a grinding halt, and with the defeat of Gigan and King Ghidorah at the hands of Godzilla and Anguirus only moments later, an imperfect, yet tangible peace returned to Japan and the world.