Space Fighter スペース・ファイター

Space Fighter
Space Fighter

Length : 17 meters
Wingspan : 1.6-3.8 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Flight at mach 568,513; Amulet Laser Cannon Gun


The War in Space (1977)

Series // Showa

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In 1988, Earth was under siege from an intergalactic threat: the Messiah 13 aliens. Using their advanced technology and espionage, the extraterrestrials quickly gained the upper hand in their war with humanity. Through learning more about Earth, the race discovered the existence of the Goten, an advanced warship still under construction. Equipped with a host of weapons, the flying battleship was also to be outfitted with 21 space fighters. Each of these crafts was to range 17 meters in length and with a wingspan that could expand to 3.8 meters.

Realizing the importance of securing the ship, the aliens viciously attacked the Goten's base. Ultimately, though, their efforts were unsuccessful. The giant ship not only launched but turned the tables in the conflict. After decimating the alien fighters on Earth, the Goten traveled into outer space to take the battle to the extraterrestrials. Unfortunately for Earth's fighters, the aliens launched a sneak attack using the remains of Space Station Terra. During the incident, they successful kidnapped Jun Takigawa, daughter of the Goten's captain.

The incident did little to deter the giant warship from its course, though. Eventually the Goten landed on Venus. The crew of the Goten then begin to formulate an attack plan. The strategy involves utilizing the Space Fighters to destroy the barrier around the Daimakan, base ship of the Messiah 13 aliens. Once successful, a Land Rover will then deploy ground troops to rescue Jun. Loaded into the Revolver cannon, 5 Space Fighters are launched into battle. The crafts do initial strafe runs against the upper mountain over the Daimakan, hoping to cause a cave-in that would destroy the barrier. The attacks are met by the Messiah 13 aliens launching their own attack ships. An initial wave of 9 Hell Fighters are launched to combat the Earth crafts. Those 9 ships are joined by a second attack wave, compromising of another 7 Hell Fighters. Greatly out numbered, the Space Fighters hold their own through superior speed and maneuverability. This allows the crafts to speed behind their targets, landing easy kill shots on the Hell Fighters. The Space Fighters even maneuver quickly enough to cause pursing attackers to crash into the rocky terrain. Despite their battle prowess, the conflict is not without causalities. Two of the Space Fighters are destroyed during the aerial dog fight, while an additional two are sent crashing into the upper mountain. The latter has the desired effect of causing a cave-in, destroying the barrier, but at a great cost.

The final Star Fighter, piloted by Reikai Muroi, continues to patrol the air. After the Land Rover's mission is successful, and Jun is rescued, the last Star Fighter is ordered to return. Unfortunately, the Daimakan catches the craft in its sight and destroys it with single blast of its Space Beam Cannon.

Powers / Weapons
Flight at Mach 568,513

Flight at Mach 568,513

Depending on circumstance, the Space Fighter was able to fly at an incredible speed of 57,000-195,000 kilometers per second. At peak speeds, this meant a maximum flight speed of mach 568,513.

Given that the crafts could fly on the atmosphere of Venus, it is assumed that they were also capable of space travel. However, this is never seen or indicated, although concept art does depict them in space. The fighters were housed inside the Goten until they were deployed for battle, and possible they were only meant for atmospheric warfare in the final film.

Amulet Laser Cannon Gun


The ships were equipped with two Amulet Laser Cannon Guns. Located at the front of the craft, the weapons could quickly discharge blasts at intended targets.

The cannons were operated from two large controls inside the ship. Beyond being used to navigate the craft, blue buttons were located at the top, each of which controlled one of the laser cannon guns.

Background and Trivia
  • Production designer Yasuyuki Inoue modeled the Space Fighter prop used for the film.
  • After deciding that the Space Fighters would be launched from the cannons on the Goten, the design of the Space Fighters was shifted to look like a bullet flying. More details on this are found on Teruyoshi Nakano's interview for the special features on Toho's DVD release of The War in Space.
  • The space ship rarely is listed with its English name. However, the 2005 publication Godzilla: Toho Giant Monster Picture Encyclopedia (ISBN: 4092800525) does list it as "Space Fighter".