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Sikorsky S-51 Helicopter
Length: 13.7 meters
Height: 3.9 meters
Mass: 1.725 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at 165 kilometers per hour
First Appearance: Rodan (1956)
Other Appearances: The Mysterians; Varan
Series:  Showa  


Armed with no missiles or guns, the Sikorsky S-51 Helicopter was not designed to enter battle. Instead, its flight speed was the focus of its design. It's initial mission was the evaluation of Rodan's lair, and the vessel relayed valuable information on the whereabouts of the entrances to the den deep within the heart of the volcanic Mt. Aso. As the craft began to transmit chilling images of human remains, the JSDF began to formulate their plan of attack... Rodan would have to be annihilated at all costs.

The S-51's usefulness was not limited to this one event, however. Its important reconnaissance capabilities lended in the conflict with the Mysterians and in the extermination efforts against Varan. The war, as it would seem, was never truly over, but this helpful vessel continued to perform its duty and aid in Japan's continuing efforts for peace.