Intelligent Mine Type9 R2 知性地雷 TYPE9 R2

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Series 9R2
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; detonates when its sensors pick up a significant sound source
First Appearance: Gunhed (1989)
Series:  Heisei  


A relic from 2010, the 9R2 is a series of sound activated mines that were left on Island 8JO to safe guard the fortress, and left under the control of the recently developed Kyron 5 super computer. Unfortunately, the computer itself turned on humanity, and declared its war against the world on July 4th, 2025. Kyron 5, with a combined attack force of the Series 9R2 mines, a Aerobot, a Biodroid, and the island's built in laser systems, was able to rebel invading forces for more than a decade.

In 2038, though, the island was once again raided, this time by two separate attack forces. One was the Texas Air Rangers and the other the crew of the Mary Ann, mercenaries who specialize in the accusation of rare computer chips. The Air Rangers were the first to land and the first to report massive causalities, with their helicopter being destroyed and only one surviving member being left behind to carry on the fight. The crew of the Mary Ann weren't any luckier. The Biodroid, the island's trusted assassin of outsiders, worked fast to pick off members of the crew. Leaving behind only three: a mechanic nicknamed Brooklyn, Bebe, and Bombbay. The three, joined with the lone surviving Texas Air Ranger, made their way deeper into the complex, where they encountered the 9R2 mines. The 9R2's swept over the grounds, set to pick up any abnormalities in the sound activity in the area. The mines were unable to detect the silent Babe and Bombbay; however, Brooklyn failed to heed the warning announcing out loud how outdated the weapon system was. He grabbed the mine, figuring it failed to work at all, and tossed it off the bridge, as it detonated below them to his surprise.