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Length: 100 meters
Height: 30 meters
Mass: 7,500 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; can discharge an electronic ray from its central cannon; capable of firing eight MA-PM020 heat seeking proton missiles, simultaneously, from the hull
First Appearance: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)
Series:  Millennium  


As the titanic pterosaur, Rodan, was raining devastation upon the city of New York, the United States dispatched The Rumbling: their best weapon for a situation this grave. As the aerial battleship approached Rodan, the creature simply took flight. The crew of The Rumbling would not let it escape, however, and they continued their approach toward their mysterious foe. Missiles were fired, to no avail. As the war waged on, with no clear victor yet visible, The Rumbling released its powerful laser beam at Rodan, but the flying reptile dodged the beam. He appeared behind The Rumbling, and prepared to finish his job. Just before he could prevail against the humans, Rodan disappeared as an unidentified ship appeared in the sky. The Rumbling was ordered to return to base.

The aliens aboard the vessel, known as the Xiliens, later claimed responsibility for the death of several monsters across the globe. This lie was ultimately uncovered, however, and the truth behind their dreams for conquest was soon discovered. As their plans came to light, the extra terrestrials once again unleashed the monsters on an unsuspecting world. Rodan was ordered to destroy New York City once more, and The Rumbling was dispatched to annihilate the aggressor. This time, Rodan held nothing back. He flew past The Rumbling several times, taking massive chunks out of the ship. The once proud paradigm of human ingenuity slowly lost power, and Rodan came in for one final strike. The Rumbling was destroyed once and for all. The United States was defenseless, for nothing could end Rodan's unquenchable thirst for destruction...