Red Bamboo Ship 赤イ竹 水上艇

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Red Bamboo Ship
  Powers/Weapons: Secretes a yellow liquid capable of expelling Ebirah
First Appearance: Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966)
Series:  Showa  


Enshrouded in a golden mist, the main cargo vessel of the Red Bamboo Army frequently transported slaves from Infant Island to their base on the island of Letchi. The strange yellow fluid it released was the only defense that the craft boasted against a monster so fierce, that it was often the last sight that sailors witnessed as they ventured too close to its isle. The colossal crustacean Ebirah became, in essence, the guard dog of the Red Bamboo facility.

The slaves from Infant Island continued to produce the repellant fluid for their malevolent masters, until one day when a new captive arrived in the hold. This slave was a man from Japan named Nita, and he convinced the Infant Islanders to withhold the fluid's active ingredient. As fate would have it, Godzilla was soon awoken in the bowels of the Letchi caves. As it began to decimate the Red Bamboo facility, the sinister terrorists armed their nuclear weaponry and bid a hasty retreat aboard their water ship. Luck, however, would not be on their side...

The saffron spray, rendered useless by the lack of its key ingredient, did not deter the wrathful Ebirah. The enormous arthropod quickly annihilated the vessel with its massive claw, and everyone aboard was sentenced to a watery grave...