Polar-Borer ポーラーボーラー

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  Powers/Weapons: Giant drill in front that allows the ship to burrow at 30 kilometers per hour or the equivalent of 67 knots; able to generate a laser shield around the Polar-Borer that greatly heats the area around the ship
First Appearance: The Last Dinosaur (1977)
Series:  (Distributed)  


The brain child of Thrust industries, the Polar-Borer is a giant ship that can hold a crew of five and was used for oil excavations. The craft was built for drilling to the oil as rapidly as possible, equipped with a massive drill and also the ability to super heat the entire ship using lasers that would essentially disintegrate the earth around it.

Having gone through several generations of the craft, allowing Thrust industries to make its owner, Masten Thrust, one of the richest men in the world through the discovery of giant oil wells, the fifth generation of the Polar-Borer hit a snag. While drilling deep in the North Pole, the crew comes across a hidden land, given a liveable temperature from a nearby volcano heating the water and ground around it. This causes a very lush climate that is blooming with flora and hosts what appears to be prehistoric life. Four of the crew members venture out of the Polar-Borer to explore, leaving behind the youngest, Chuck Wade. The crew is gone for little over an hour before they meet their untimely end at the jaws of a tyrannosaurus rex while Wade witnesses the whole attack.

Returning home, Masten Thrust prepares a press conference to both announce the fate of the fifth generation crew and also state his plan to go back to this lost world. Joined once more by Wade, Masten Thrust also brings along a photographer named Francesca Banks, a tracker named Bunta and Doctor Kawamoto. Dropped off by Mother 1, an oil rig in the North Pole, Wade takes the helm of the craft and has little trouble finding the lost area once more.

At their destination, the crew leaves the safety of the ship to scout, and is attacked by a variety of prehistoric beasts, including the t-rex that claimed the lives of the fifth generation crew. Eventually the t-rex, after making a meal of Doctor Kawamoto, takes the Polar-Borer in its jaws and deposits the vehicle in its lair: a giant bone graveyard. Not able to locate the vessel, Masten Thrust and the others assume a dinosaur sank it and that they are now stranded.

Months go by before Wade, by accident, stumbles on the t-rex's lair and locates the Polar-Borer. Using planks and wood to gradually vault the ship toward the water, Wade spends days until he is able to return to the craft to their original point of entry. Unfortunately, Masten Thrust has become obsessed with hunting down and destroying the t-rex, feeling that the world back home has nothing for him and his calling is to take down the giant animal. Opting to stay behind, Wade and the photographer leave alone in the Polar-Borer, reuniting with the crew of Mother 1.