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P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Plane
Length: 35.61 meters
Height: 10.27 meters
Wingspan: 30.37 meters
Mass: 47,120 kilograms
  Powers/Weapons: Equipped with an internal bomb bay; has eight underwing hardpoints; can carry a mix of Harpoon missiles, Mk 46 torpedoes and sonar bouys
First Appearance: Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003, stock footage)
Series:  Millennium  


Built in 1961 by Lockheed Martin, the P-3C Orion functioned as a maritime patrol craft and doubled as an anti-submarine warfare platform, although it could carry weapons designed to kill warships. The plane has not as of yet functioned in its main role of hunting and killing enemy submarines, but has seen combat in many different regions of the world during and after the Cold War. It has proven to be an excellent aircraft and many other nations had created counterparts to the P-3C Orion.

Impressed with the plane's capabilities and seeing that it matched what they needed in terms of protecting the sea-lanes around Japan, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) eventually bought several then built more P-3 Orion planes under license.

When Godzilla returned from the dark depths of the ocean and destroyed a patrolling American nuclear submarine, the Japanese government knew that Godzilla would soon be heading their way. Scrambling their forces, they tried to find Godzilla as quickly as possible while finishing their repairs to Kiryu. A P-3C Orion eventually found Godzilla and immediately it coordinated nearby JMSDF units such as Hatsuyuki class warships to the monster's location.