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Oto Tachibana
Height: 1.6 meters
Mass: 42 kilograms
  Powers/Weapons: Able to shoot fireballs from her palms; can combine her daggers so they work like a boomerang; able to breath in different atmospheres; extraordinary jumper
First Appearance: Yamato Takeru (1994)
Series:  Heisei  

This young and beautiful girl lives in one of the many shrines that worships the Goddess Oorchiriou. However, within her shrine, she keeps in high regard the Shiratori Mirror, an ancient relic that is reality the first of the Divine Lights of Yamato. Oto Tachibana swore to protect the artifact with her own life, and she proved this when she attacked the visiting Osu. Leaping from tree to tree, heralding her mystic fireballs and bladed knifes, she fought the three men until she was finally over taken. When the young girl realized who the invader was, she quickly set up a hospitable tea session for them. During their talk, Osu found out that the mirror had been stolen a few nights ago, and that the most likely culprit was the warlord in the land of Kumaso. So, after a few debates, Oto joined the group reluctantly, and helped retrieve the mirror. Though they had to defeat the demonic Kumaso Gami first to get the treasure.

After escaping from the bowls of the kingdom, Oto and Osu soon found themselves in even worse trouble. The dark soothsayer, Sukinowa, called forth from the ocean a horrible monster, only seen in the nightmares of the most insane of men. Rising from the waves, Kaishin Muba lashed out with it's many tentacles and dragged the helpless warrior into the turbulent waves. Though Oto would not stand ideally by. Tears of love streamed from her eyes when she dove in and rescued her passion, but fate would end this adventure tragically. The Kaishin Muba might have lost Osu from its grasp, but it would not let another base. Encircling the girl with it's shambling arms, Oto was killed and drowned before the fury of the storm. Like a Greek love, Oto was taken in the blink of an eye; with no remorse.

Time flashed by, with the evil god Tusukujomi nearing all the time, before Osu returned to the hidden lair of the Lord of Judgment. There he defeated the god by pulling from his alter, the Sword of Snakes. A weapon forged from the hydra bone so long ago. It is also here that he saw Oto again. The Lord of Judgment knew that more help would be needed to defeat the devil Oorchi, so he revived the young girl, and sent them both to the moon. To the palace of the black Tusukujomi. It was there they fought tooth and nail, and overcame the endless evil. Until the hatred took a different form. Standing among the wreckage of the temple, the hydra Oorchi revealed itself. The dragon immediately set out to kill the two intruders, and the newly arisen Phoenix. The mortal creatures strived against the awesome power that breathed it's hellish flame at them, but were cast down like child's toys.

Thrown into the star filled darkness, Oto realized that she was the third light. She could feel her life numbing away. In her last act, Oto gave her life to Osu. By combining the Hydra sword, the Shiratori Mirror, and the combining light of Oto to his amulet, a warrior god was born. A fighter for the future. A giant that would stop the monster hydra forever.