Onion Aliens ねぎ星人

Onion Aliens
Onion Aliens

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Powers / Weapons

Razor claws; onion juice


GANTZ (2011)

Series // Millennium

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The alien species, known as "Onion Aliens" by GANTZ, heavily resembled human beings. However, their complexion was white while their hair was green, taking on physical traits that seemed onion-like. In fact, the species dieted on green onions, leeks and other similar vegetation. Consequently, the creatures also gave off a foul odor.

Juveniles of the species were very reminiscent of human children. They did, however, have foreheads and ears that would be considered abnormally large. At this stage, the species has trouble regulating internal fluids. This causes a substance to often leak from its nose. Its tissue is also softer as an adolescent, although it is able to land from tall heights without overt harm.

As it grows, the head becomes what could be considered normal size compared to a human. However, sunken eyes and tight skin give it an almost gaunt-like appearance. In reality, though, its skin has drastically hardened at this stage, becoming as tough as steel. This combined with enhanced strength and speed, being ten times stronger than a human and able to run five times faster, creates a very dangerous creature when provoked. This is especially true when considering their razor claws, which are sharp enough to slash through victims.

Onion AliensAs time goes on, members of this alien species make their way to Earth. Thanks to a human-like appearance, the extraterrestrials are able to survive in Japan without being widely suspected. They are also able to gather and gorge on the vegetation that they prefer, such as large green onions.

Despite their efforts to blend-in, though, the large black orb known as GANTZ is able to detect them. Seeking to exterminate aliens, the orb resurrects recently deceased humans. Armed with ammunition and protective suits, these resurrected humans are dispatched against the Onion Aliens. However, many of the humans don't believe their situation. This is made worse when one member, the only survivor of past missions, lies to them. He misinforms them that they are now part of a game show involving hypnosis. However, this allows him to mobilize certain members by telling them killing the Onion Aliens will award them 100 million yen.

Eventually, they spot the juvenile Onion Alien. Four members of the resurrected humans give pursuit. After a short chase, they corner the young alien. Frightened, the small extraterrestrial offers to give them an onion. As they stand around and gawk at his unusual appearance, the creature takes the opportunity to launch its Onion Juice from its nose. With its attackers distracted, the small alien climbs a nearby fence and leaps away.

The group continues to chase the tiny alien, though, and eventually corner him again, this time in a garage. Once again trapped, the alien tries to offer the humans an onion. One human, though, raises a weapon called an X-gun and fires it. After a flash, this launches invisible, compressed energy. The weapon contacts, and after a delayed response it blows off the alien's right arm. Injured, the alien extends claws on its remaining hand and leaves small cuts in its attackers' legs with a few slashes. This only angers the humans, though, who fire three X-gun blasts. The resulting explosions completely obliterate the young extraterrestrial.

Onion AliensTheir attack on the small alien does not go unnoticed, though. The group turns around to see a large, hulking figure in the shadows. The figure slashes the nearest human who attempts to yell, slicing off the human's leg. Using one hand, the mysterious figure then lifts the bleeding human into the air. Struggling, the human knocks off the figure's wig, revealing a full grown Onion Alien. The survivors panic, firing their X-guns at the creature. With heightened speed and reflexes, the giant extraterrestrial uses the human he is holding as a shield. Each one of the shots fires into the bleeding human. As the delayed releases go off, the injured man is completely destroyed, showering the garage in blood.

As the group continues to panic, the large alien raises its clawed hand. The being then proceeds to butcher the humans, slashing the group down. As one human mumbles on the ground about hypnosis and the lie he was told, the alien raises his foot and smashes the human's head. The being then turns around and stalks the last human, Masaru Kato, out of the garage.

Masaru is eventually saved by Megumi Kishimoto, who slams into the alien using one of the powered suits given by GANTZ. The blow sends the alien cascading through a concrete wall. The attack only momentarily stuns the creature, though, as it gets up and tosses aside both Masaru and Megumi. Another human, Kei Kurono, witnesses this and attempts to hide behind a car, only to attract the alien's attention. Trying to defend himself, Kei slams a case into the extraterrestrial's head. This angers the Onion Alien, who screams loud enough to break nearby glass. Raising his clawed hand to skewer Kei, the alien is instead restrained by "laser anchors" shot by another survivor, Joichiro Nishi, who had used his suit to become invisible. Fired by the Y-gun, these wrap up the alien, as each anchor burrows itself into the ground to keep the strong creature restrained.

Helpless, the Onion Alien watches as Joichiro and Kei discuss his fate. Kei is pressured into killing the alien, but is unable to follow through. This prompts Joichiro to grab the X-gun and fire it at the alien's head. As the being screams, its body explodes, ending the Onion Aliens time on Earth.

Powers / Weapons
Razor Claws

Razor Claws

The Onion Aliens featured razor claws. On the adult, these long claws were located on the left hand and were sharp enough to slice through humans, bone and all. They were used, in combination with the Onion Alien's strength, to quickly sever limbs.

On juvenile Onion Aliens, these claws are smaller, less lethal and retractable.

Onion Juice

Onion Juice

Juveniles of the species have trouble regulating internal fluids. As a result, a mucous-like substance will leak from their nose. When threatened, though, the young aliens can release a projectile stream of this substance, called Onion Juice. Launched from their nose at attackers, this fluid functions more as a distraction and a deterrent rather then inflicting actual harm.

The adult would appear to lose this power, no longer having issues regulating the Onion Juice.

Background and Trivia
  • In the movie, GANTZ gives a readout of the Onion Aliens. This mentions their characteristics as being "stinky" and that they like onions.
  • Manga author Hiroya Oku came up with the Onion Aliens as a species that could "bring discord amongst those that defeat them, causing sympathy with the aliens", especially achieved with the more innocent juvenile. At one time the author toyed with the juvenile being the only member of the species, which would have left a lot of doubt among the group if they did the right thing by killing it. However, the author felt this wouldn't really be a battle with just the small one and so added the larger adult. This is noted on the Hiroya Oku and Shueisha run website GANTZ:X.