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Ohio Class Nuclear-Powered Sub

Length: 171 meters
Mass:18,750 tons

Powers/Weapons: Equipped with an armament of torpedoes and 24 Trident II D-5 ballistic missiles

First Appearance: GODZILLA (1998)

Series:  (Distributed)  


As New York continued to deal with Godzilla's siege, another setback in the extermination plan came in the form of a failed trap in Central Park. Racing away from the military blockade, Godzilla dove into the Ocean, where three nuclear submarines awaited. The Los Angeles-Class Submarine fired its torpedo, but the tactical monster merely led the torpedo crashing into the hull of the craft that launched it. Only the Ohio Class Nuclear-Powered Submarines remained. Godzilla hurriedly attempted to flee this stressful situation, and began to burrow away from its aggressors. Alas, both submarines fired a torpedo. Locking on, both weapons converged on the monster, and it roared sorrowfully as it sank deeper and deeper into the ocean. Godzilla was declared dead, but little did anyone realize that this attack had merely shocked the creature. It would soon return...