OH-6D 観測ヘリコプター-6D [Heisei]

OH-6D [Heisei Series]

Length : 9.2 meters
Height : 2.6 meters
Mass : 1.15 tons

Powers / Weapons

Flight at mach 0.19


Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989); Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah; Godzilla vs. Mothra; Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Series // SHOWA

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Though the OH-13 Sioux, better known as the Bell 47, proved to be a usable helicopter, the United States military began to search for a replacement in 1960. The specifications they had in mind for a new helicopter was one that could serve in many different types of missions. It would also have to be cheap to produce, easy to maintain and have high performance. After a long hard competition, the OH-6 won the contest with the army starting to order large numbers of the helicopters in 1965.

In 1966, the OH-6 helicopter would see combat action in Vietnam where it mainly functioned in a scouting role though it carried machine guns to defend itself. Most of the time, the OH-6s would operate in teams of the same type of helicopter or operate alongside AH-1 Cobra helicopters.

OH-6D [Heisei Series]While the Vietnam War was still going on, Japan took notice of the crafts. Kawasaki Heavy Industries begin producing OH-6Ds for the Japanese Self Defense Force by 1969. The country began to stockpile them, although it wouldn't be until 1990 that the crafts saw real combat. Following a series of events that awoke Godzilla, the beast began to travel back to Japan. The Self Defense Force was quick to act, deploying opposition in the Uraga Sea. This included H-1B Hueys, DDH-142 Haruna Class Destroyer and OH-6Ds. While the former two engaged the creature, the OH-6Ds flew around the sea surveying the battle. Sadly, the opposition was not enough, and the nuclear menace decimated the awaiting SDF.

More than a year later, in 1992, two OH-6Ds were on a routine patrol inside Japan until they come across a grounded UFO. The two vehicles approached, but were quickly destroyed by a mysterious force. As it turned out, the UFO was actually a giant Futurian ship called MOTHER and its appearance was a precursor to a drawn out and concealed attack on Japan.

In 1993, after the Futurians were a distant memory, a worldwide disaster was underway. A meteor had crashed into the Earth setting off a chain of events. This included awakening Godzilla, unearthing Mothra's egg and causing the emergence of the monster Battra. Eventually these three creatures collided in battle. During their fight, as Godzilla and Battra sunk into lava off the waters near the Philippines, Mothra escaped. Shortly afterwards the Cosmos were brought to mainland Japan. This proved to be a mistake, though, as the Cosmos called out to Mothra to be rescued. The larval creature heeded the call, swimming toward Japan. Forecasting the potential devastation the creature could cause, the SDF mobilized. UH-1B Hueys, DDH-142 Haruna Class Destroyer and OH-6Ds lined the waters around Japan, forming a similar blockade to the one that attacked Godzilla in 1990. This time, though, they were setup to engage Mothra. Ultimately the plan failed, as Mothra made landfall and continued its way to get the Cosmos.

A couple of years later, in 1996, the craft was converted into a G-Force branded chopper. Miki Saegusa, now an officer with G-Force, had an OH-6D helicopter for her use as she flew to Birth Island to check up on the situation there. After returning to G-Force headquarters with the news of Birth Island’s complete destruction, Miki would use the helicopter as she searched for any sign of Godzilla Junior, eventually finding the young monster. However, she was reluctantly then pushed to using her telepathic powers to draw Godzilla Junior to Tokyo, done while flying in the OH-6D. After witnessing Destoroyah mortally wounding Godzilla Junior, Miki and her fellow telepath Meru jumped out of the helicopter the moment it landed and rushed to Godzilla Junior. That would save their lives as Destoroyah destroyed the OH-6D with one deadly blast of his micro oxygen ray. Left with no aerial transportation, both Miki and Meru would struggle to stay alive in the devastated streets of the Akane ward in Tokyo as Godzilla battled Destoroyah. Thankfully, a news helicopter would eventually rescued them.

Powers / Weapons
Flight at Mach 0.19

Flight at Mach 0.19

The OH-6D could fly at a speed of 241 kilometers an hour, or roughly mach 0.195.

While the craft could also be outfitted with rockets or other minor weapons, the vehicles never explored these options in the battle against various menaces that plagued Japan. Instead they were dedicated more for transportation and surveillance activities.

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