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Nilai-Kanai Guardian Towers
  Powers/Weapons: Can fire a ray from the mouth of the statue; able to shoot lightning from the gems at its base
First Appearance: Rebirth of Mothra II (1997)
Series:  Mothra (Heisei)  


Sculpted from the stone, born from the earth, and imbued with the purest of light magic, the Nilai-Kanai Towers are emotionless sentries. Standing tall with faces chiseled with a grimace, they stood as a warning to all.

The guardian towers beat back any enemy, natural or mythical, with cosmic force. Unleashing from its rocky maw's or emerald gems at its base, thick streams of jaded power. Crashing through the air like branches of tonguing lightening, the towers show their might. Even so strong were these ancient temple weapons, that they threw back the rampage of Dagarha. But after a while, the genetic beast proved too much. Seeing Mothra as the last hope, the temple gave it's last bit of power to the fallen warrior for one final attack. However, in the end it was the treasure of the Nilai-Kanai Kingdom that gave Mothra the upgrade needed. Fighting back, the new Aqua Mothra eliminated the reptile's rampage. With the monster gone, the Kingdom of Nilai-Kanai itself started to liquefy and raise into the air. With a single pass, Mothra scattered the water and with it the legacy of the Nilai-Kanai civilization.