Natarl UFO ナタール円盤

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Natarl UFO
Length: 11 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; capable of space travel; can fire a freezing ray
First Appearance: Battle in Outer Space (1959)
Series:  Showa  


The main fighter of the Natarl, these UFOs are capable of firing a freeze ray. They were first seen by Space Station JSS-3, when the UFOs were assaulting it. The station fired it's Heat Ray Cannon at the attacking UFOs, but even though some of the shots were direct hits, they did nothing to them. The Natarl UFOs returned the favor by firing their freeze rays at the space station, blowing it up in seconds.

The UFOs were later the cause of a strange chain of events on Earth. This included manipulation of train tracks, freighters, and attacks in Italy. Somehow, despite the increase of these incidents, the space crafts managed to go undetected. It wasn't until doctor Achmed said that Earth would become a colony of Natarl was a UFO seen by everyone. Achmed thought the UFO had come to pick him up, but it instead vaporized him.

The UFO activity remained quiet until the crews of the SPIPs, trying to bring the fight to the Nataral, landed on the moon. Searching the celestial body, the Natarl base was finally found. Wasting no time, the humans fired the Atomic Heat cannons at the base, damaging it. As the base became active, they retreated to their Moon All Terrain Vehicles and escaped. However, one of the vehicle's treads were frozen. Thinking fast, the crews of both SPIPs had to share one Moon All Terrain Vehicle, with the UFOs in pursuit. Upon getting back to the landing site, it was found that SPIP-1 had been destroyed by a mind controlled astronaut, Iwomura. Feeling guilty, Iwomura provided cover fire for the last Moon All Terrain Vehicle that was docking with SPIP-2. The astronaut shot down several UFOs with his Atomic Heat Gun, but was killed when one of the UFOs hit him with its freeze ray.

The UFOs were seen again when the Natarl had gathered up a large attack fleet to invade Earth. FFE Space Fighters were sent in to counter the attack, but ultimately failed. Almost all the FEE fighters were lost as the UFOs and mother ship entered Tokyo and leveled the city. Despite not stooping the assault, the did slow it down. Most of the UFOs had been annihilated by the FFE fighters except one. The last UFO was forced out of the sky from the large rays that fired from the Atomic Heat Cannons. It crashed into a hangar at the Tokyo Space Center. Shortly thereafter, the mother ship was too shot out of the sky by the Atomic Heat Cannons, ending the threat of the Natarl for good.