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Natarl Mother Ship
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; capable of space travel; can fire a freezing ray; able to unleash a beam from the bottom of the craft that will act as a high pressure vacuum; can launch explosive Meteor Torpedoes
First Appearance: Battle in Outer Space (1959)
Series:  Showa  


When the crews of the SPIPs landed on the moon in search of the Natarl base, it was eventually found beyond a cave. The base seemed immobile and unfinished. The SPIP crews then fired their Atomic Heat Cannons at the base, which launched a counter strike. The base was ultimately damaged by small explosions and had to be fixed before the Natarl's plans could go any farther. The moon landing mission was a success by the SPIPs.

Deception, though, showed when the base itself rose from the moon's surface. The base was in fact a large space craft, and the trump card in the Natarl's arsenal. The battle in outer space would be brought to Earth.

Lucikly humanity bought itself just enough time to build FFE Fighter bases to counter the Natarl attack fleet when it came. Soon a radio signal was picked up, which was the Natarl attack fleet coming towards Earth. The FFE Fighters were launched. After a large battle above Earth, the Natarl were victorious and proceeded to move into Tokyo. A large, blue light charged up under the mother ship and began to fire gravity waves onto the city below. The beam picked everything up, throwing it everywhere and trashing the city. The mother ship then attempted to move into the Tokyo Space Center with the last of the Natarl UFO. However, both were eventually destroyed by the Atomic Heat Cannons, putting an end to the alien threat for good.