Natarl ナタール人


Height : 1.8 meters
Mass : 100 kilograms

Powers / Weapons



Battle in Outer Space (1959)

Series // SHOWA

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A mysterious chain of events was taking place on and around Earth. First, the destruction of Space Station JSS-3 in Earth's orbit. Next, a train fell of the tracks and plummeted into a valley below. Then a freighter ship floated in the air and crashed into a hill. Next in Venice, Italy, temperatures lowered to where water froze and created an upward whirlpool. These events all had one thing in common: the victims suffered from extreme frostbite.

The nations all over the world held a meeting at the Tokyo Space Center to discuss the disasters. During the meeting, one man named Dr. Achmed got up, walked outside, and disappeared in a red flash of light. Later, the doctor was sighted again, trying to kill a man in a laboratory that held a new weapon: the Atomic Heat Gun. Police showed up, and the doctor faked his surrender. However, he grabbed Etsuko as a human shield and warned that Earth would become a colony of Natarl. His hand was then injured, and he fled, with the police in pursuit. After a short chase, the doctor ran outside as a UFO appeared and vaporized him, leaving a strange device behind.

NatarlThe device was determined to be a mind control instrument, which explained why Doctor Achmed was acting so strange. It also showed where the mind control signal was coming from: the moon. So the Japanese decided to launch their two new spaceships, the SPIPs to the moon. They planned to counter the Natarl's plans to attack Earth. However, the night before the launch of the two rockets, one of the crew members by the name of Iwomura was the next victim of the mind control. He was given orders to destroy the SPIPs so the Natarl's plans could go without flaw.

The following morning, the two SPIPs launched, and were on their way to the moon when Iwomura's mind control set off. At the same time, Natarl guided rockets that appeared to be meteors came towards the two SPIP rockets. Both crafts fired their rays and destroyed every meteor that came towards them. However Iwomura's mind control forced him to start turning knobs and switching dials. This disabled the SPIP-1's heat ray cannon, leaving it to only do evasive maneuvers. Iwomura was found by two crew members trying to destroy SPIP-1 and was knocked out and tied to a chair.

Both SPIPs eventually landed on the moon and deployed Moon All Terrain Vehicles. Only one crewman stayed behind on SPIP-1 to keep an eye on Iwomura. However Iwomura's mind control woke him up, made him knock out the crewman, and destroy SPIP-1. Meanwhile the crews of both ships found the Natarl base. Crew member Etsuko was then sent to grab the portable Atomic Heat Ray gun. While she was walking in the cave to get it, she was followed by a large group of the Natarl behind her. It wasn't until more of the aliens jumped out in front of her did she realize that she was surrounded. The group attacked her, but another one of the crew members named Katsumiya followed her and saw the Natarl attacking her. Firing his gun in the air got the aliens' attention, and he quickly ran and got Etsuko out of the group. Katsumiya then fired his ray gun, killing all the attacking aliens instantly.

Meanwhile, the Natarl base opened up with a message. It told the crew that if they do not heed their warning and leave, they would all become slaves of the planet Natarl. They ignored the warning and proceeded to fire their ray cannons on the Natarl base. Meanwhile Iwomura was now on SPIP-2 and getting ready to destroy it. The humans continued firing upon the base and it seemed that the cave was going to collapse in on them. Thankfully, one of the crew members boarded a Moon All Terrain Vehicle and fired its heat ray turret at the base. Eventually the base was damaged, but only temporarily.

The crews went back to the Moon All Terrain Vehicles and retreated, with Natarl UFOs following them. One of the Moon All Terrain Vehicle's treads were eventually frozen. This forced both SPIP crews to share the last vehicle until they got back to the landing site. Upon arriving they discovered that SPIP-1 had been destroyed. Iwomura's mind control had been severed, but he felt guilty for the actions the Natarl had forced him to do. Stricken by guilt, he provided cover fire and allowed the last Moon All Terrain Vehicle to get back on SPIP-2. As SPIP-2 escaped, Iwomura was hit and killed by one of the attacking UFOs.

Upon the SPIPs return, another meeting was held in Japan. The time had come for a counter strike on Earth for the eventual retaliation strike by the Natarl. The plan of attack was to convert space surveillance ships into combat fighters. Fighter rocket bases were established all around the world, and at the bases were the large forms of the Atomic Heat cannon. A radio signal came that announced that the Natarl attack fleet was approaching Earth. The FFE Space Fighters were launched to intercept. A large fight erupted above Earth's atmosphere, with the Natarl victorious. The mother ship made its way into Tokyo and used gravity beams to lift and destroy the area. The mother ship was done with it's attack on Tokyo and was heading for the Space Center. However, it was shot out of the sky by the Giant Heat Ray Guns, along with the last Natarl UFO of the fleet. Seconds passed, and the humans celebrated as they had finally beaten this cruel enemy. The Earth was able to breathe another sigh of relief.

Powers / Weapons


The alien species demonstrated no abnormal feats. In fact, when they confronted the astronauts of the SPIP on foot, they seemed ineffective. No weapons were utilized and the beings were vaporized by a heat ray gun.

The Natarl's menace is found in their technology. The Natarl UFO and Natarl Mother Ship possess a wide range of weapons and features due to the ingenuity of the species.

Background and Trivia
  • The 2005 publication Godzilla: Toho Giant Monster Picture Encyclopedia (ISBN: 4092800525) lists an English name of "Natarl" for the alien race. This contrasts with the more widely known spelling of "Natal" used in the dubbed version created for the US market by Columbia Pictures.