Mysterian Dome ミステリアンドーム

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Mysterian Dome
Height: 200 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Can fire an energy ray; able to absorb most attacks against it; lower disc can rotate at extreme speeds
First Appearance: The Mysterians (1957)
Series:  Showa  


In order to initiate their invasion of the Planet Earth, the Mysterians constructed a hidden underground base in the Mt. Fuji area of Japan. Without the denizens of Earth knowing their plans, they constructed a massive, burrowing dome as protection for their subterranean domain. Traps were situated around the dome soon afterward, and the base was completely guarded against attack. Finally, in order to commence their invasion with a bang, the Mysterians unleashed their giant robot: Moguera, and awaited the response...

Upon the defeat of Moguera, and amongst growing worries that extra-terrestrials were the bane of these recent disasters, a few scientists investigated a lake at Mt. Fuji, a locale particularly noteworthy for mysterious goings-on. The stunned scientists looked on in awe as the gigantic dome emerged from the Earth. Their fear and amazement skyrocketed when a voice emanated from the structure, requesting the presence of a small group of people, including the famous Dr. Adachi. Donning capes due to the frigid environment within the alien base, the humans journeyed deep inside. These ambassadors of Earth soon became outraged however, at the request of these "Mysterians". Though they only appeared to desire a small parcel of land, they also demanded the right to marry the Earth women of their choosing. Following the meeting, a plan of attack was put into place...

The Japanese Self-Defense Force gathered their forces at the Fuji Area in order to stage an assault against their primary target: the Mysterians' Dome. Planes and missiles bombarded the base with a barrage of ammunition; however, the Mysterians within chuckled as their own flying ships were dispatched... for they understood the futility of the human offensive. The dome fired intensely hot beams of burning energy at the ground forces, melting the puny machinery like wax. The jets were also annihilated by the Dome's energy defenses and UFO assistance. One tank valiantly continued its approach within a proximity seemingly too close for the Mysterians' defenses to protect against. Unfortunately, the ground suddenly collapsed into a whirlpool and sucked the war machine underground, killing both of the soldiers inside. The dome sank deep into the subterranean realm; it seemed invincible!

Humankind was not discouraged however, and another assault was planned using two enormous vessels known as the Alpha Class Aerial Battleships. Dr. Adachi and several UN officials piloted the BETA-2 in order to test if the ships were indeed resistant to the Dome's heat rays. The craft appeared to be well guarded against the aggressors at first, until the other Alpha Class Aerial Battleship was destroyed when it took too much abuse from the ray. The BETA-2 was ordered to pull back as those inside began to come to the conclusion that their efforts were hopeless.

An ultimate showdown was planned when the humans finally found a device that could stand up to the Mysterians' stronghold. The Markalite Cannon was the weapon that could finally tip the tables in favor of the Earthlings. It could resist any amount of heat and unleashed powerful atomic heat rays itself. It could only work for 45 minutes however, so the BETA-2 was equipped with an electron gun for added support.

Meanwhile, a human named Joji Atsumi infiltrated the dome and pressed deep into the heart of the facility. He wished to save the women whom the aliens had absconded with. Assistance came in the form of Ryoichi Shiraishi, Joji's former friend who had defected to the Mysterians due to the allure of their extreme technological advancements. Ryoichi, however, now decided to betray the Mysterians, for he had discovered that they wished to conquer the whole world.

As the drama continued to unfold within the Mysterians' fortress, the Markalite Cannons and BETA-2 arrived outside of the dome. The towering Markalites clearly began to prove their strength as they easily withstood the Markalite's power. The alien base slowly began to weaken from the inside out too, as Joji destroyed a great deal of machinery within the dome. Ryoichi helped Joji and the captured women escape, as he sacrificed himself in an attempt to further weaken the Mysterians defenses.

The Mysterians Dome still had a few tricks up its sleeve, however. A massive flood of water rose from the lake and washed a Markalite Cannon away. In the process, a nearby town was leveled. Another Markalite Cannon was destroyed as a second Moguera rose from the ground. Fortunately, the robot was crushed by the falling weapon. The BETA-2 used its electron gun one final time on the dome, and the weakened facility began to explode. The alien leaders escaped before it was too late, but unfortunately for them, the dome was completely destroyed shortly after they fled. Nothing remained, save a glowing pile of rubble...