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Mu Submarine
Length: 130 meters
Mass: 7,500 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Can dive in excess of 3,000 meters; able to fire guided missiles; equipped with steam mines; has a laser cannon in the shape of Manda on the deck
First Appearance: Atragon (1963)
Series:  Showa  


Silent warriors of the deep, the Mu Submarines struck the surface dwellers without warning. The oceans were transformed into graveyards for the dead; they wiped out everything Japan had. With their steam mines laying a blanket of fog, the sailors never saw their killers. The only images that greeted their dead peal eye's were either of crimson flames from the Mu's Manda beam, or several tons of explosive warhead torpedoes slamming into their ships. The armada was completely unopposed, taking great pleasure in the death they bestowed. Only until the appearance of Atragon, did the people of Mu weep in fear. Diving back beneath the sea, they ran, but this only delayed the inevitable. The Atragon soon dispensed with the underwater machines, and destroyed the empire of Mu forever.