Mu ムウ

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Powers/Weapons: Abnormally high body temperatures

First Appearance: Atragon (1963)

Series:  Showa  


For thousands of years there has been a belief amongst philosophers that advanced civilizations had existed before on the Earth. Among the names used to represent such civilizations were ones known as Atlantis and Mu.

In the later half of the 20th century, several mysterious events began to happen. At the end of World War II in the Pacific, one of the Imperial Japanese Navy's most powerful submarines seemingly disappeared from the face of the Earth. Years later, several kidnappings had occurred in Japan with the victims mainly being engineers. However, coincidental luck helped prevent the kidnapping of a former Japanese admiral and his "niece". In the event, the kidnappers fled but not before revealing they were from the ancient empire known as Mu. At first, the modern world found the information too incredible to believe but a film delivered into their hands by a Mu agent provided the truth along with additional disasters and the destruction of a civilian ship through means not known to mankind.

The Mu Empire was a civilization that existed 12,000 years ago and they occupied a landmass that occupied an enormous part of the Pacific Ocean. Through some kind of cataclysm, the landmass on which the Mu occupied sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in one night. However, they managed to survive by tapping into the heat that emanated from the Earth's core. In addition, some remnants of their presence have remained with them stating that they built the legendary statues on Easter Island.

A Mu was virtually indistinguishable from a normal human except for the fact that their body temperature was abnormally high and that they could use it as a defense mechanism when they dealt with a situation that may require them to go hand-to-hand combat. Ruled by an Empress and with the next in line being the High Priest of Mu, they worshipped a deity called Manda, which was an enormous sea-dragon.

Remaining hidden throughout the 12,000 years, the Mu civilization continued to advance their civilization. By the time they revealed themselves to modern humanity, they had submarines that could dive to depths unthinkable in the eyes of humans. Furthermore, they had diving suits that could withstand the pressures of the darkest depths of the world's ocean. While residing deep in the Pacific Ocean, the Mu did take note of human events throughout the centuries. For a very long time, the Mu felt safe from the humans until August 1945 when they stumbled onto an A-403 submarine. After forcing its captain and crew to flee, they discovered the blueprints for a ship called the Gotengo that could give humanity the possibility to reach them. Deciding to strike first, they attempted through different means to find out more information while moving to reclaim what they believe was their home. When they made their presence known to the world, one of the things that the Mu demanded was for the world find the Gotengo and destroy it as the craft posed a great threat to the Mu Empire.

Eventually one of their spies managed to find out where the Gotengo was located and after kidnapping two hostages, set off the bomb that badly damaged the dockyard that housed the Gotengo.

Given the fact that humanity had failed to get rid of the undersea-battleship, the Mu decided to commence their main plans for conquest. Among those plans were to create a devastating earthquake in Tokyo as well as devastating Tokyo Bay with one of their submarines.

However, their pride and stubbornness eventually lead to their downfall with the Gotengo breaking free of the ruins of the destroyed dockyard where it was built. After rescuing the hostages and capturing the empress and negotiating fruitlessly with her to end the Mu Empire's aggression, the Gotengo plunged like a knife into the Mu Empire. Even Manda was unable to stop the invaders and was frozen solid by the Gotengo's main weapon, its absolute zero cannon. The humans aboard the incredible warship soon found the main power source of the Mu Empire and destroyed it in an enormous explosion with a combination of freeze weapons and explosives. Seeing her empire dying, the Empress departed the Gotengo with the permission of the ship's captain to join her people in death