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Moon All Terrain Vehicle
Length: 10 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at 90 kilometers per hour; can fire a heat ray turret; able to move at 50 kilometers per hour
First Appearance: Battle in Outer-Space (1959)
Series:  Showa  


After a successful landing on the moon, the two SPIP crews needed to search the moon's surface. Looking to find this new alien race's base of operation, they turned to the Moon All Terrain Vehicles. Side ports on the rockets opened up, and deployed one vehicle from each respective rocket. These vehicles were capable of moving on the moon, no matter what was on it's surface. The crews drove the vehicles and eventually found a signal on their radar, along with flying saucers. They cut radio transmissions between each other to avoid enemy detection. As they got closer to the enemy base, there was atmospheric pressure. So the vehicles engaged their air-cushion system and went from the ground to the air. They landed behind a large mountain to keep the vehicles hidden.

The crews then proceeded to go on foot to find the alien base. They found a cave that led to an unfinished mobile base that the Natarl were using to build their attack fleet. The crews brought their heat-ray turrets and began to fire upon the base, despite the aliens' warnings. The Natarl retaliated and attacked the position where the humans were. Just when it seemed they were about to meet their doom, secondary fire came from the cliffs. It was one of the crew members driving and firing the heat-ray turrets from one of the Moon All Terrain Vehicles! The foot soldiers and vehicles fired their heat-ray turrets on the base, causing explosions. This would temporarily halt the alien race's plans, but also make them more desperate to attack.

After the base was damaged, the crews retreated to the vehicles and began to fly them away, with enemy ships in hot pursuit. Moon All Terrain Vehicle left the pressure zone, and went back to the ground. The UFOs and manned turrets of the vehicles exchanging fire. Eventually, one of the UFOs hit and froze one of the All Terrain Vehicle's treads, rendering it unable to move. The other vehicle stopped and allowed the stranded crew to board the last remaining transport. Upon arriving at the crash site, they located the last remaining SPIP. It turned out one of their own, Iwomura, was under the mind control of the Natarl and was forced to blow up SPIP-1. However, feeling guilty, he provided cover fire and allowed the last Moon All Terrain Vehicle to get back on SPIP-2. As SPIP-2 escaped, Iwomura was hit and killed by one of the attacking UFO's freeze rays. Despite Iwomura's death, the mission was a success.