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Missile Launcher Truck
  Powers/Weapons: Able to fire 24 missiles
First Appearance: Godzilla Raids Again (1955)
Other Appearances: Rodan; The Mysterians; Varan; Invasion of Astro-Monster (stock footage); Godzilla vs. Gigan (stock footage); Godzilla vs. Megalon (stock footage)
Series:  Showa  


A pinnacle of humanity's might during the early 1950's, the Missile Launcher Trucks faced the greatest of monsters ever to walk the earth. Developed more to attack large areas than be accurate, 24 highly explosive rockets can be released. With only a few to Japan's arsenal, the vehicles were first deployed against Godzilla and Anguirus when they made landfall in Osaka. Showering the twin behemoths in fiery blossoms of flames, the trucks did little to stem the animalistic fury that gripped each beast. By the time a victor emerged from the war, the Missile Launcher Trucks were depleted of ammo.

After Godzilla left the city, another monster showed itself in Japan. Soaring across the skies two winged demons, known as the Rodans, came. Striking quickly and with hurricane force winds, the military bided their time before they finally landed. When their taloned feet touched the earth, they were meet with flying rockets. Exploding all around their scaly forms, and the ground, the Missile Launcher Trucks did little to ward away the birds of prey. It almost seemed as if their cackling when they flew away was full of mockery.

The next stage in the Missile Launcher Trucks' life was even less reputable than the Rodan invasion. Staged against the awesome technology of Moguera, the rockets were nothing. Their raining power did nothing more than shred the ground from which Moguera stalked.

The last true step in the trucks life was going to be the final straw. Swimming to Tokyo, a beast dubbed Varan approached. Figuring that the cars will have to be used again, the military moved the trucks to Tokyo. Cutting the timing extremely close, they loaded the launchers onto three Landing Crafts. When the saurian emerged from the thrashing waves, the beast was greeted with hellfire and brimstone. Hailing the moving mountain of flesh and bone in bleaching fire. But again like it dictated, they were useless, and Varan nearly leveled all of Tokyo.

After the Varan incident no more Missile Launcher Trucks were built to handel the kaiju threats to Japan due to there ineffectivness against the opposition. The vehicles would be deployed several times afterwards however, during the Xilien invasion and the attack from the Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens.