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Mini-Half Track V2 Rockets
  Powers/Weapons: Can fire two missiles
First Appearance: Destroy All Monsters (1968)
Series:  Showa  


Smaller and more portable versions of their older kin, the Mini-Half Track V2 Rockets were brought into play during the closing of the Kilaak conflict. Surrounding the outer rim of the submerged base, the weapons were ready to deploy their awesome might against the invading race. Mounted on jeeps, the Mini-Half Track V2 Rockets were deployed amongst a small platoon of troops and TV crews. Coordinating their tactical plans, the monsters were sent in first. If any craft of the Kilaakian tried to escape the monster's wrath, then it would be the Mini-Half Track's job to finish them.

Fortunately, the rockets were not needed, for it was with the combined might of Godzilla and the rest of the monsters from Ogasawara Island, along with the Moonlight SY-3, that spelled doom for the invaders.