Millennian UFO
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Millennian UFO
Length: 200 meters
Wingspan: 130 meters
Mass: 19,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; beam from side cannon; able to implant cables in structures and terrain, which the Millennian can control; can fire a shockwave; able to create energy tentacles that absorb information from nearby computers or genetic data
First Appearance: Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999)
Series:  Millennium  


Traveling through the deepest and darkest voids of the fathomless regions of space, an alien craft crashed on the dawn of life of a water filled planet. Plunging into the pitch-black bowls of the cold ocean waves, the craft and being inside laid dormant, surrounded by the emptiness and icy embrace of the clinging waters. It seemed, as the centuries ticked by, that they would never walk the lands again, until the intervention of mankind. Patrolling the ocean floor, a team, headed by the CCI, found the rock encased ship. Seeing their chance to study mysterious rock mass they prepared to raise it. Attaching a series of balloons to the rock, they sough to lift the mammoth structure for the world to see. Once the craft had ascended through the waters, and the first rays of light danced along its hull, the reaction ignited. Soaring through the ocean, without using the manmade balloons to life itself no more, the rock cleaved the surface and turned to its side. From a distance the thing appeared to be a huge sundial on the choppy foam.

Days passed with the scientists watching in awe. Little did they know of the growing strength that swelled from within. The life-giving bathing essence of the shining star was imbuing the alien life with power. Yet the time was not given before the UFO took off. At only half strength, the ship took off after the ultimate being on Earth. A creature it could rob it of it's DNA and create a shape for itself. Hovering a few hundred feet above the ground and waters, the UFO faced off against the raging leviathan that was being assaulted by man. The aerial combatant wasted no time in the opportunity and blasted the dumbfounded animal with a swirling emerald cannon. Godzilla was knocked back momentary, but the leviathan would not lose. Firing back with hellfire, he sent the ship crashing into the shores. The battle was short lived, but the UFO was not done.

The CCI tried to keep the alien vessel down by roping it with steel cables. Though when the sun rose again, it did no good. Snapping the lines like blades of grass, the UFO head for the heart of Tokyo and perched itself upon on of the tallest structures. While on the building, invisible but tangible tendrils feed their way into the computer systems. Assimilating all the data that was held within. The craft was meet with a feverous mine assault by man, but efforts were in vain. Not until the appearance of Godzilla did the UFO meet a true challenge. The King vowed to end their fight, yet the alien did not beckon the call. Instead it lashed out with whip like cable lines that were embedded beneath the concert streets. The huge dinosaur mutant was caught off guard completely. The combined shoulder cannon, lassoing cables, and shockwaves were too much. And Godzilla fell before a toppled half of a skyscraper. The UFO moved in on the knelt form, and stole the DNA is so sought. The alien removed itself from the vessel only to be chanced for the worse. The blood material mutated the Orga being into a huge lumbering giant. Shortly after the effect, Godzilla stood to attack the invader. The alien tired to send in its ship to sneak attack Godzilla on several runs, one which even took half of the hull with it. In the end, the craft was expended in a fiery display of hate from Godzilla's wrath.