Markalite Cannon マーカーライト・ファープ

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Markalite Cannon
Height: 200 meters
  Powers/Weapons: Equipped with a landing rocket which allows it to be dropped in via a Markalite Gyro; able to absorb a radiation attack, amplify the energy and then shoot it back
Weakness: Can only function for a little under half an hour
First Appearance: The Mysterians (1957)
Series:  Showa  


After witnessing the miserable defeat of humanities conventional weapons, scientists were forced to birth from their minds, new ways to assault the aliens. One of the brain childs in the time crunch, was the Markalite Cannons. A huge solar disk that could reflect the radiation beams from the Mysterian dome, as well as emit one of their own. It was also outfitted with tank treads for minor maneuverability. However they did run into the problem of how to move these massive steel machines into range of the base. If the aliens saw before they were ready, then their hopes of victory would be dashed. So, they decided to outfit the beam weapons with Markalite Gyros, a pair of powerful rockets that would fly, and land the Cannons in distance, in little time.

Less than a week passed, before the Markalites were ready and sent into war. They were strategically placed on the outskirts of the base, and fired from all sides. Though the Mysterians were far from defenseless. Controlling the water around them, they were able to topple one of the cannons, while a tunneling Moguera took out another. But the combined strength of the remaining Markalites, the Alpha and Beta Ships, and human turncoat spies, were too much. And man defeated the outer space threat once and for all.