M11 アンドロイドM11

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  Powers/Weapons: Can run at incredible speed; extraordinary jumper
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)
Series:  Heisei  


The arrival of the 23rd century brought with it many astonishing advances in technology, the likes of which were only vivid dreams in the 1990's. Holograms, time-travel, and teleportation were only the tip of the iceberg. Among these growing technologies was the increasing emergence of artificial intelligence. Though only in its infancy in the 20th century, it had blossomed into an amazing new dimension of realism by 2204 AD.

M11 was just one the future's advanced androids, crafted by the brilliant minds of the 23rd century. The mysterious members of the Equal Environment Earth Union procured this robot. They used him in their plans to decrease the extreme power and influence of Japan, the world's greatest superpower. To accomplish this goal, the organization sent its operatives to the past to remove Godzilla from history. Although in disguise of a benevolent act, they planned in secret to replace him with their own monster: King Ghidorah. M11 assisted his fellow "Futurians" in these efforts. This meant piloting the special vessel, KIDS, back in time. M11 was effective in scouting the war torn area, and operating the teleporter on a wounded Godzillasaurus. The Futurians, in their devious efforts to replace the Godzillasaurus with three genetically engineered Dorats in 1944, unintentionally created both King Ghidorah and Godzilla in 1992. This miscalculation would prove to be a major setback in reaching their goals.

M11 continued to mindlessly follow orders. The robot tracked down one Futurian who had realized that enough was enough. Emmy Kano, a native of 23rd century Japan, was trying to warn Kenichiro Terasawa of the intentions of her fellow time travelers. M11 kidnapped her, revealing his uncanny speed, strength, and resilience during a furious car chase. Emmy, however, realized that M11 could be a valiant ally in her attempts to save the homeland she loved. Upon reprogramming the humanoid machine, Emmy ordered M11 to assist her and Terasawa in the sabotage of the Futurians' control over King Ghidorah. After destroying the computers of the main ship, MOTHER, and rendering the occupants incapacitated, M11 teleported the sinister Futurians into the middle of a waging conflict between their monster and the monster they had unknowingly created. Godzilla's thermonuclear ray annihilated the time travelers. Shortly thereafter, King Ghidorah was to follow, obliterating its wings after it was decapitated. The golden dragon held on to life, however. As Godzilla began to ravage Japan, Emmy Kano and M11 decided to return to the future to revive the monster. If the half-dead corpse lying in the ocean depths could be revived through cybernetic technologies, then Japan could possibly be saved from utter destruction.

In the future, great lengths were taken to revive King Ghidorah. In the process, it was transformed into the powerful Mecha-King Ghidorah. M11 assisted Emmy as she returned to 20th century Tokyo to do battle with the raging Godzilla. Emmy piloted the cyborg kaiju, as M11 aided with battle plans. The mission was met with success, as M11 and Emmy managed to transport Godzilla into the sea. The victory came at a cost: the unfortunate loss of Mecha-King Ghidorah. Escaping aboard KIDS, M11 and Emmy returned to the future, confident in a brighter tomorrow.