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  Powers/Weapons: Can run at incredible speed; extraordinary jumpers
First Appearance: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)
Series:  Heisei  


In a world where technology is supreme and the empire of Japan sees over all, a reneged band called the Equal Environment Earth Union was born. Opposing Japan's economical dominancy over the world, the group was established with the purpose of dethroning Japan as a super power and equalize the power amongst nations. To accomplish their goal, the radical organization stole the MOTHER ship, a craft able to travel back in time as the group formulated a plan to stop Japan in period where they can change what they see fit, and recreate a future in their image.

Armed with an ambition to create war, the group realized that if the mission was to be successful then they would require the complete and unquestioned allegiance of their workers. So, instead of taking a measured risk with normal humanity, they allied themselves with a band of artificial androids. Among those in their ranks was the M10 model, each programmed to be several times stronger, faster and smarter than any human being. Each robot assigned a subsequent number, such as M101 and M102 who helmed the MOTHER ship with android model M11, the droids were perfect for this task.