Land Rover ランドローバー

Land Rover
Land Rover

Length : 27 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Flight at mach 3.8; laser cannon


The War in Space (1977)

Series // Showa

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Housed inside the Goten, the Land Rover was an exploration vehicle. Although equipped with a weapon, the primary function of the craft was a combination of observation and also transportation for the crew.

During the war with the Messiah 13 aliens on Venus, the Land Rover was dispatched as part of a reconnaissance mission. Its goal was to locate and observe the alien base on the planet. Combating 87 meter per second winds, the vehicle initially used its treads to move along the terrain in its search. However, it eventually ran out of flat planet surface to continue moving along the ground, prompting the crew to continue their search through using the flight capabilities of the craft. The crew eventually discover a stalactite cave and venture inside in hopes of finding their target.

By a stroke of luck, the cave does indeed lead them to the alien base, which is actually the giant warship the Daimakan. The alien vessel is surrounded by a barrier, while also shielded from overhead attacks due to its location below a large cliff. Taking photos of their target, the Land Rover carefully travels in a nearby ravine in an effort to get closer without being detected. The plan is unsuccessful, though, as the Daimakan locates the intruding craft. In response, the barrier is lowered while 18 of the vice cannons discharge their blasts, casting the ravine into an inferno. The Land Rover narrowly flies out of the ravine in time, explosions erupting behind it. Shaken but alive, the crew quickly retreats to give a report on the situation.

Examining the Daimakan, the Goten crew observe an air duct-like mouth that they believe can be used to infiltrate the base with a small ground team. Loading up four members into the Land Rover, the vehicle is dispatched again, this time to transport its crew close enough to the Daimakan for them to go the rest of the way on foot. The plan includes a large scale assault by Star Fighters, also held inside the Goten, against the Daimakan. The battle is brutal, with many causalities, but the ships are successful at knocking out the alien barrier. With the shield gone, the crew enter the Daimakan through the air duct-like mouth to begin their assault. The mission proves deadly, with three of the four members being killed. The remaining crew member, though, manages to rescue the kidnapped Jun Takigawa, daughter to the captain of the Goten. Together, the two retreat in the Land Rover, hoping to escape back to the Goten. The incident is not ignored by the Daimakan, though, which takes flight toward the Goten's location, preparing for a final battle between the two giant crafts.

Powers / Weapons
Flight at Mach 3.8

Flight at Mach 3.8

The craft was able to fly through hovering off the ground.

Despite appearances ,the vehicle could move at impressive rates. It's cruising speed clocked in at mach 2.7, although the Land Rover could fly all the way up to a speed of mach 3.8.


Laser Cannon

The Land Rover was equipped with a laser cannon located toward the front of the craft. The cannon was surrounded, with the exception of the muzzle, by a clear dome.

This weapon was never utilized in the battle against the Messiah 13 aliens.

Background and Trivia
  • Production designer Yasuyuki Inoue modeled the Land Rover prop used for the film.
  • The 2003 book the Toho SFX Mechanic Chronicle 1954-2003 features additional, granular details on the craft. This includes that the Land Rover measured from 3.8 meters in width to 5.7 meters in width, depending on the area of the craft being measured. The publication also states a groundspeed for the craft, which was 350km per hour (roughly 218 miles per hour). Oddly, the book does mix up the flight speeds, stating the maximum speed was mach 2.7 versus a higher cruising speed of mach 3.8.
  • Although rarely listed with an English name, the 2005 book Godzilla: Toho Giant Monster Picture Encyclopedia (ISBN: 4092800525) does cite the craft as the "Land Rover".