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KV-107 II Helicopter

Length: 25.4 meters
Height: 5.02 meters
Mass: 9.7 tons

Powers/Weapons: Flight at 255 kilometers per hour
First Appearance: The Return of Godzilla (1984)

Other Appearances: Godzilla vs. Biollante

Series:  Heisei  


Originally constructed in the 1950's by the US military, the KV-107 was a favorite for troop deployment. It was quickly adopted by allies of the United States as well, with Japan adding their spin to it with the birth of the KV-107 II. While many helicopters came and went, being replaced by upgraded models, the KV-107 was still an active craft thanks to its proven effectiveness and more passive nature not requiring offensive betterment. The vehicles would end up being key in several larger scale theatres of war against kaiju.

After the Japanese government agreed to Dr. Hayashida's plan to turn Oshima Island's Mount Mihara into a tomb for Godzilla, the JSDF began construction of the facilities needed on the islands. The KV-107s played a vital role, transporting equipment from the mainland to the island. After Godzilla emerged from Mt. Mihara five years later, they would mainly function in a supply and transport role for the rest of the war against Godzilla and the other kaiju alongside their successors, the CH-47 Chinhooks.