Kilaak Base
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Kilaak Base
  Powers/Weapons: Can absorb energy based attacks
First Appearance: Destroy All Monsters (1968)
Series:  Showa  


Providing ample protection from the frigid outside atmosphere, the Kilaak Dome Base is a nearly impenetrable fortress. Hosting the advancement of the female immortal race, the shield is able to block all of man's weapons, and even of that of Godzilla's Heat Ray.

Realizing the importance of the element secrecy, the alien race buried their city beneath the grainy dirt of the land, deep so as to feel the warmth of the Earth's core. Safe within their shielding heat protectors, the Kilaakian sent out the monsters to ravage the earth. Hope looked grim until finally man triumphed over the alien control. Breaking into the Kilaak moon base, humanity recovered the Kilaak Monster Control Device. Through reverse engineering, the people of Earth turned the walking mountains of flesh against their would be masters. After dispatching with the Kilaak's last monster, King Ghidorah, Godzilla attacked the base. Hurtling his clawed foot into the bubble dome, the shell shattered. Allowing the cool refreshing winds that human's have lived with for so long, swoosh into the base, this caused the aliens to revert back to their cold and lifeless rock-like forms. Still to this day, the stones lie still, awaiting for the earth to grow hot again... awaiting for one day to rule our planet.