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Length: 120 meters
Height: 30 meters
Mass: 7,500 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; can discharge a large electronic ray from its central cannon; capable of firing eight MA-PM020 heat seeking proton missiles, simultaneously, from the hull; equipped with two Electronic Particle cannons
First Appearance: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)
Series:  Millennium  


Tearing Shanghai to shreds, Anguirus glanced into the sky and witnessed China's last hope for survival, a massive battle craft called Karyu. As the crew spotted the spiked juggernaut, the commander ordered the attack to commence. The well-armed vessel began to fire its missiles at Anguirus, to no avail. Once the crew realized how futile conventional weaponry was against the leviathan, they attempted to go about its extermination through a different approach. The Karyu's main weapon, an immense maser cannon, began to charge. The energy erupted into a brilliant display of power, but Anguirus merely leapt out of harm's way. The commander, enraged at the ineffectiveness of the onslaught, began to make another approach as Anguirus curled into a behemothic bouncing ball. The monster had become too fast; the maser couldn't keep up the pace...

As the chaotic battle continued, the crew of the Karyu looked on, and Anguirus suddenly disappeared in the presence of an enormous, exotic ship. The craft flew off into the distance, and the crew of the Karyu was ecstatic in their perceived victory. It was later determined that a race of "friendly" aliens, known as the Xiliens, had in fact destroyed all of the world's invading monsters. As time past, it was proven that this notion was contrary to the truth. For in fact, the Xiliens instead desired to rule the world, and they had not destroyed the Earth's monstrous enemies, but had instead merely stored them aside for the time being. Once their duplicitous plan was uncovered, the monsters were unleashed to wreck havoc on the world once more.

Anguirus was once again released on Shanghai, but this time, he had backup in the form of thousands and thousands of diminutive, yet deadly, Xilien ships. The Karyu quickly engaged in battle as it had before, and made its way toward the monster that was causing such a disturbance. This time, the Xilien craft were in the way, and their tremendous firepower began to damage the vessel. Though the crew of the Karyu fought valiantly in response, unleashing their particle beams on their enemies, worry began to grip their hearts. Suddenly, Anguirus curled into a ball and launched himself into the sky at Karyu. The thundering sphere of spikes barreled into the ship with astonishing force. Bursting into flames, the Karyu tumbled into the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and was completely obliterated. With Karyu gone, the glimmering city of Shanghai would become a desolate wasteland, as Anguirus roared in triumph over the humans he sought to destroy...